There Is Healing Water Enough For All

It snowed today in St. Louis. We were expecting a few big flakes—the “size of hamsters,” according to one meteorologist—mixed with mostly rain. But it's March in the Midwest, and cold air can be stubborn as it lurks at ground level.And as this water first flowed and then drifted from the sky to cover the pioneering spring leaves, Water came with it. For the first time in weeks I awoke feeling love and gratitude flowing into me, out from me, and all around.I've been feeling overwhelmed by larg … [Read more...]

The Magic of Snow in the South (aka Hothlanta)

Georgia, as well as 48 other states, has been hit by what has been affectionately termed Snowpocalypse 2011. As our friends in Florida enjoy balmy climes, people in downtown Atlanta (aka Hothlanta) have ice skated on Peachtree Street and watched all those tv shows they've been meaning to catch up on. Like any born and bred Southerner I stocked up and bunkered in once someone clued me into the weather report (I tend to work/play with blinkers on for days) even though I knew it was possible the … [Read more...]