Wyrd Designs: Nine Long Nights – a song

As a child, I recall playing on my swingset and created my own songs and lyrics on the fly. As a teen when I was attending church (when I'd rather be sleeping), the one part of the service I didn't mind was the songs. I enjoyed singing, even if my own singing skills are less fantabulous than the Glee cast. When I converted into paganism, and later especially the Northern Tradition, I found myself missing the songs the most. Perhaps that why, I have a tendency to start singing my lore at times. F … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Sigdrifa’s ~ a Prayer and a Song

Sigdrifa's Prayer is the only surviving, complete,  non-Christianized prayer that exists in the lore. As such it is a precious remnant, but unfortunately a little known gem. It's nestled in the midst of the Sigdrifumal, one of the heroic lays found in the Poetic Edda."Hail, day! | Hail, sons of day! And night and her daughter now! Look on us here | with loving eyes, That waiting we victory win."Hail to the gods! | Ye goddesses, hail, And all the generous earth! Give to us wisdom | and goodly … [Read more...]