Oh, Yeah! I’m on TV!

Literally right now (5:30 PM EST) I am on Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting, or AIB-TV. Check it out: the show is called Soul Stories.For those of you not able to get Atlanta stations on your rabbit ears, or like me don't have tv, it will be streaming online starting this Sunday, the 18th, through Christmas, the 25th.The first show in this series features Michael Sabani, a fascinating fellow I met at a Muslim-Christian-Jewish-Witchcraft interfaith event. … [Read more...]

What A Crazy Day…

Yesterday I woke up, did the requisite morning ritual of stretching, yawning and hygiene, and then in something atrocious-looking but comfortable I planted myself before my laptop to begin my day. Except I didn't stay there. In a strange turn of events, I ended up on television.Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting has a program called Soul Stories, and an initiate of Grove of Phoenix Rising was going to be on the program with her mother. Unfortunately, her mother fell ill and had to cancel. The … [Read more...]