Magic Works

I'm not a "woo-woo" Pagan. When someone tells me they can chat with their cat on the astral plane, I may be nodding politely while actually thinking they need a mental health check up. People who resort to magic for every little thing annoy me, and I secretly think that sometimes magic is just an excuse to shop. Metaphysical stores smell good and are full of pretties. I get that.I have no interest in books of spells, in talking about candle magic or joining any of those "Spell-A-Day" e-mail … [Read more...]

On Spells and Impulsiveness

I recently reread The Way of Four Spellbook by fellow Gardnerian Deborah Lipp. One of our coven's Gardlings (that's what we call our outer grove members) recently read it as part of her required reading. It's an excellent introduction to practical spellwork. It is firmly grounded in the modern age (although she does assume that people still go to physical stores for supplies, when most of us nowadays would just Google them).Interestingly, the Gardling was frustrated by the book. She thinks … [Read more...]