Why A Crisis of Faith Sucks

Remember my writing about going through a crisis of faith? Yeah, that's still happening. It's been several months now, and no sign of getting better yet. A good story has an arc, a progression, and a satisfying conclusion. This isn't proving to be a good story.What happens is first you begin by denying that you're going through a crisis of faith. You brush it aside and plunge forward regardless. Eventually it reaches the point where it can no longer be ignored. It pisses you off. So you … [Read more...]

The Gifts of Unity

Occasionally, I wander into a spiritual funk, and it was more often when I was a solitary. Running across this video a few days ago I found an expression¬† for that funk. It was a lack of unity and community. I've been thinking about this video for some time now and rolling it's themes around in my heart and mind.This past Sunday I was worn-down, run-down and spiritually low. Yet I decided to go sit in on the meditation class for my coven's current set of students, bringing my old notes and … [Read more...]