The Egg and Mary Magdalen

When I think of Ostara, I think of eggs, and of the multi-colored egg salad that is made the day after Ostara. And when I think of Divine images associated with eggs, I always think of Mary Magdalen.Most Pagans who convert from a Christian background go through a "What do I think about Jesus?" phase. I certainly did, and devoured Margaret Starbird's books. I was able to frame my feelings regarding the Christian faith, not necessarily Christian culture, through books such as The Woman … [Read more...]

Almost Imbolc and I Feel Fine…

I should write something deep about poetry. Or fire. Or the sacred forge of life tempering us all. Or spring.But I really don't want to. We've had unusually warm, lovely spring weather here in Georgia and I just want to play on a tire swing. Or ride my bike. Or have a picnic.One of those picnics where you eat tomato sandwiches, ridged potato chips, and store-bought cookies. Where you crack open a watermelon and eat it with the juice running down your arms but you don't care because … [Read more...]

Revivals Needed?

I'm tired today. I finally finished a project that has consumed so much of my time you'd think it was some kind of chrono-cancer. I'm worn out, stressed and desperately in need of revival.Our body, mind and spirit need revival. Our lives are cyclical, and like the earth we sometimes need a chance to restore and renew ourselves. To reach towards the source with joyful song. Yet, revival doesn't come unbidden like the spring. Revival requires work on our part. We have to seek it, create it, plan … [Read more...]

Blessed be the Holy Thorn–and Her new leaves

Hacked by vandals shortly before Yule and left for dead, the Glastonbury Holy Thorn unfurled two wee leaves for Ostara.Best news I've heard in months. A tiny sprig of green on a tree whose origins could stretch back a couple thousand of years, that was hacked by vandals and feared dead just a few months ago—it's as though the Green Man himself has sprung from the new grass, laughing.The report came the day after the Sabbat on the Thorn's official Facebook page. A local Thorn-watcher shot a p … [Read more...]

Ostara, St. Paddy’s and Spring

I have never looked forward to Ostara so much before in my entire life. I find Circle to be purifying, cleansing and healing. As the gunk and stress of daily life accumulates I come to crave Circle. I need it. I need that safe, supportive space to let down my burdens and connect directly to my Gods, the spirits of the Earth and my coven family.Add on top of my usual longing the riotous outburst of Spring and I feel ready to bust out of these winter doldrums. Spring doesn't ease into being. You … [Read more...]

Imbolc Blessings!

I've been trying to write something somewhat insightful all morning but it's warm and sunny and springlike outside. I can't concentrate. I just want to soak in the sun and smile. So here's some music and may spring come to your house soon! … [Read more...]