Fire, and Other Sacred Things

My roommates had been talking about building a firepit for months. As the weather grew warmer it was increasingly on all of our minds. So yesterday afternoon we bought bricks, and as the sun set I pulled out a shovel and went to work.What I dug out was an old firepit used for Wiccan ritual, buried for years. There was still a charred log, soft and moldy, beneath the sod. We arranged 4 layers of 13 bricks in a circle. We built a roaring fire, and sat beneath the stars and fat waxing gibbous … [Read more...]

My Geis to the Night Sky

Last night, one of my elders took me on a nighttime adventure. In darkness we took an easy hike to a waterfall for some energy work. When there is very little light, moving water seems to absorb all it can get, glowing in an otherwise dark wood. I cannot "see" energy like my elder can. For her the wood was aglow. For me it remained dark, but I could "feel" the pulse and flow of energy, including the resident spirit who moseyed over to see what we were up to.I live in a valley ringed by … [Read more...]