Wyrd Designs – Help Get Asatru Added to the U.S. Army’s Religious Preference List

Josh and Cat Heath from the Open Halls Project are working through the cumbersome bureaucratic process, to have the U.S. Army recognize and add Asatru/Heathenry as a religious preference for the official U.S. Army database. According to their latest post on their website they need U.S. Army soldiers, veterans, and their spouses to send them "your name, rank, status (active, reserves, national guard, veteran, or spouse)" to their email account: heathenopenhalls@gmail.comNot familiar with the … [Read more...]

The Gifts of Unity

Occasionally, I wander into a spiritual funk, and it was more often when I was a solitary. Running across this video a few days ago I found an expression  for that funk. It was a lack of unity and community. I've been thinking about this video for some time now and rolling it's themes around in my heart and mind.This past Sunday I was worn-down, run-down and spiritually low. Yet I decided to go sit in on the meditation class for my coven's current set of students, bringing my old notes and … [Read more...]

Beltane: Coming Out & Giving Support

May 2nd is International Pagan Coming Out Day. A day when folks who choose to come out regarding their religion will find a whole network of folks to support and encourage them.I'm about as out as it gets but I know at least one person who is planning to come out to friends and family. I'm proud and honored to be acquainted with them. They have my support and I'm here if they need to talk.Maybe you're thinking of coming out on May 2nd. Maybe to one friend, maybe to your whole family, maybe … [Read more...]