Lir’s Cloak: The Obscuring That Reveals

In Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth's Faeries Oracle there is a card for a faery called Sylvanius who bears the Mask That Reveals. He tells us that sometimes things must be hidden before the truth can be revealed. It's an interesting bit of wisdom.As I look out my bedroom window the mountains in the distance are obscured by mist, fog, cloud. A stranger to this land would never know they exist today, when visibility is limited to seeing only the other side of the street and no farther. The day … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Understanding the Symbols Part 6 – Vegvísir

As is often the case, some symbols are more commonly known than others within the iconography of any religion or magical tradition, and in this regards the Northern Tradition is no different. The Vegvísir, is a magical symbol of navigation and may also be connected with actual compasses. The Vegvísir literally means in Icelandic ‘guidepost’ and is sometimes colloquially called today a Runic or Viking Compass. … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Q & A – Is the pentagram an Asatru symbol?

Rinan asks, “Does the Pentagram have anything to do w/symbolism in Asatru, or is that only Wicca?”The Pentagram and/or the pentacle is not a symbol native to the indigenous cultures that worshiped the Northern Gods, and as such is a symbol that those who are reconstructionists in the Northern Tradition would not use today. Asatru is defined as a reconstructionist religion, so the answer to your question is no.However, the Northern Tradition is not only comprised of reconstructionists, but als … [Read more...]

Sgt Stewart: Honoring Fallen Pagan Warriors

I look forward to the stories I will tell kids as I get older. When I was your age we didn't have the internet. When I was your age cell phones were HUGE and carried in small briefcases. When I was your age fallen Pagan military members didn't get their symbol of religion on their grave without a fight.Take some time to remember Sgt Patrick Stewart, and his widow Roberta this weekend. The VA decided to stonewall the request for a pentacle to be placed on his VA memorial plaque which launched … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Understanding the Symbols Part 3 – Irminsul

The Irminsul is a symbol found in antiquity, but unlike the mjollnir (Thor’s Hammer), this is not a symbol that we have any evidence of it ever being worn. Instead it appears to be a communal symbol, erected in honor of the Gods. The Irminsul, in the Old Saxon language means mighty pillar, and it may connect to a possible god of the Saxon tribe by the name of Irmin as well. The existence of Irmin is at best a supposition and is by no means absolute. Some scholars who do accept the possibility of … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Understanding the Symbols Part 2 – Mjollnir

Probably one of the most popular symbols of our faith, if not the most popular symbol, is the mjollnir – Thor’s hammer. In the lore, there are many stories of Thor using the hammer in the defense of the Gods and people, killing the enemies of Asgard with his mighty hammer.There are many runestones found in Denmark and Sweden, bearing both a depiction of mjollnir but also an inscription entreating Thor to hallow or protect. In the archaeological record, it’s one of the few symbols we do clearly … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Understanding the Symbols Part 1 – The Valknut

Every religion and culture has an iconography which is uniquely it’s own, and the Northern Tradition is no different. Common symbols found in conjunction with this religion are the Valknut, the Mjollnir, the irminsmul, various runes, the unfortunately misappropriated swastiska, etc. But what do they mean?The Valknut, is one of the most traditional symbols associated with the Norse God Odin. Since ancient times this symbol has been used throughout Europe in association with the God known as t … [Read more...]