Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Apparently protests are going on at PantheaCon. T. Thorn Coyle has posted this on her FB page: Gender queers & trans allies at Pantheacon: I will sit in silent meditation outside San Martin/San Simeon at 8:45pm Sunday as counterpoint to "genetic women only" activity starting there at 9pm. All bodies=sacred. Pass it on. There are PNC members on the ground following the story and when they catch their breath they will be reporting the facts. It's a hectic conference and hard to find time to … [Read more...]

Things We Own: A Lammas Reflection

"A lady once offered me a mat, but as I had no room to spare within the house, nor time to spare within or without to shake it, I declined it, preferring to wipe my feet on the sod before my door. It is best to avoid the beginnings of evil." -- Henry David Thoreau We have arrived at the season of First Fruits. We are harvesting, gathering in the bounty of our winter hopes, spring planting and summer tending. Tomatoes are ripe, corn is tall and it is time to gather in. In to where?  Your home? … [Read more...]

Guest Post: T. Thorn Coyle asks Can We Share A Common Fire?

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!Recently, I wrote two lengthy essays on this topic that I hope you take the time out to read, but given Star Foster’s call to put this discussion on the table again given Drew Jacob’s  article, here are some more thoughts to add to the discussion:While at a cocktail party last week, I ended up in conversation with a man who teaches at a local psychic school. In the course of our encounter, I mentioned that one of the things I t … [Read more...]

UPDATED-Link Round-Up: Is the Pagan Label/Community Useful?

*EVEN MORE new links added below*Polytheists are making the argument that their communities thrive better without the Pagan label and community, and it's generated a boatload of discussion. Here's a lists of posts discussing this issue, beginning with the post that set the ball, or some might say golden apple, rolling.*An interview with Drew Jacob, an article by T. Thorn Coyle and column by Eric Scott are forthcoming and will be linked here along with any other relevant responses to this … [Read more...]

Final Push for Pagan/Japan Relief Effort

Reprinted with permission from PNC-Minnesota.The fundraising effort by the Pagan community for the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan heads into its final push this weekend.  The goal is set at $30,000 and as of press time, $28,631 has been raised since the effort began on the 14th of March. Peter DybingPeter Dybing, First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, has set up a fundraising page to gather donations from Pagans to send to … [Read more...]

Off to Pantheacon!

I'm off to Pantheacon bright and early in the morning. I look forward to seeing all the amazing folks there. The programming list looks excellent. Lots of hard choices to make about which workshops, rituals and concerts to attend. What I can guarantee is that I will be at the following events:The Pagan Newswire Collective is having a Meet 'n' Greet on Saturday, 5-7pm, at the COG/NWC/NROOGD Suite, and I will be there hanging with the PNC folks. These are really awesome, dedicated people. You … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Henry Buchy responds to the Feri schism

Editor's Note: This post is in response to The Sundering of Feri by T. Thorn Coyle.My sister Thorn makes some good points, and very convincing too. I will offer my own ideas of the sundering or schism, because it is similar to the schisms which occurred in Buddhism or Christianity, or even Islam. Yet this division, this sundering is in no way about claiming a one true way, that one approach to Feri is the only correct one. It's more about demonstrating that there is another approach … [Read more...]

A Very Merry Mithras: Holiday Controversy

As we are all sleeping in and filling our fists with mugs of java a little holiday controversy to browse as our grey matter rearranges itself is in order.Jason Pitzl-Waters (author of The Wild Hunt) made the case that secular Christmas celebration are just people doin' what comes natural: So all those non-Christians celebrating "Christmas" are simply doing what comes naturally, and the insistence by some Christian pundits and activists that December and its merriment somehow belongs only to … [Read more...]

Solstice Series: Pride in Paganism

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in December we will be asking people questions about Paganism and Pagan religions and culture. Want to weigh in? Find the next question at the bottom of this post! There are a lot of different ways pride is viewed in our communities: pride of self, pride of tribe, pride of ancestry, pride of country. What place does pride have in your spirituality? Candice McBride responds: Speaking as an American, we don't have a great deal of history or mythology to fall … [Read more...]