Spiritual Pagan Tattoos

Last week I asked people to share pictures of their tattoos with the story behind them. Here are the results:Carl Bonebright: I knew I wanted a religious tattoo without it being something that was already a powerful symbol (the three horns, Helm of Awe, or Valknut, for example), because I didn't want to risk offending any Gods. However, I was at the point where I had become completely confident and comfortable with my decision to be a Heathen henceforth, and I wanted to denote that … [Read more...]

Tattoos As Spiritual Markers

I had a strange day yesterday. I never had any intention of ending up in a tattoo shop, accompanying friends to a piercing. But that is where my day took me, and it is funny how a funky tattoo parlor can feel safe and comforting. I stood back and watched as the artists worked and my friends got their piercing. One of the artists had a Crowley-style unicursal hexagram tattoo, and I found that random sign oddly comforting. I spoke to him a bit about his tattoo, and we exchanged business cards. … [Read more...]