The Scariest Job On Earth

Ok, maybe not the scariest, but it's on up there in the toll it takes on the well-being of the worker: Pagan blogger.Oh, of all the nightmares and spectres we will tantalize ourselves with over the Halloween weekend, I'd like to float a few ghouls past you to send a chill down your spine. So grab some popcorn, dim the lights and snuggle up in your blankie as I reveal the scariest things about being a Pagan blogger.Why Being A Pagan Blogger Is ScaryObviously, as a Pagan blogger, you are a … [Read more...]

A Moral Response to Wisconsin

I have a profound dislike of talking religion and politics. However, what's happening in Wisconsin touches deeply on my core religious values and beliefs.I am a Union kid. My father was not only a member of the UAW but he also served a term as a local rep. A master electrician, he began learning his craft through an apprenticeship program, believed strongly in buying goods manufactured in the US and took me to pro-Union and American-made demonstrations. He was devoted to Jesus the Carpenter. … [Read more...]

Finding the Goddess in You

I have been an utter crank lately. So today I want to be completely positive. I've loaded up on chocolate and played some upbeat music (although do you think Britney Spears ripped off the Bellamy Brothers? Difficult to call for me.)I've written before that I have always been closer to male Gods than female Goddesses. I'm trying to work on that. I'm housesitting for a nice lesbian lady who's house is full of Goddess images and feminine energy. I'm working with my female ancestors more. I'm … [Read more...]