Guest Post: Drew Jacob “Temple Without a Song: a Report to the Community”

For seven years Temple of the River has been near to my heart. Most days, regardless of work or family obligations, I spent at least a little time thinking about or working for the Temple. As it grew, a lot of that time was spent working with students who stepped up to take over some of the work. It was never an easy project. But it was always worth it because we were building something that would help people.Temple of the River began as an experiment. It was founded in 2004 as the first … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Burqinis, Polytheism, Circumcision and More

Nigella Lawson Sports A Burqini Nigella Lawson was seen frolicking on a beach wearing *gasp* clothing! The curvy celebrity chef is no stranger to showing skin, so maybe she just didn't want a sunburn? People pointing out her cellulite?Muslim blogger Spirit21 writes: Lawson’s fear of sunburn may have inadvertently prompted the realisation that there is liberation in covering. This is something that Muslim women like me have expended much effort in explaining and defending. But maybe we can now … [Read more...]

Rogue Priest: Fame & The Heroic Life

PNC-Minnesota recently did a three part feature on the Temple of the River. Fantastic series and of interest to anyone looking to create infrastructure for their faith community.The priest of that temple, Drew Jacob, also keeps a blog: Rogue Priest. I've been perusing it over the past few days and I'm impressed. He talks about very old Pagan ideals in a fresh way. Two things he talks about are Fame and The Heroic Life, which are very related concepts.The Heroic Life was something that was … [Read more...]