Wicca Series: Who are the God and Goddess?

Every Monday and Friday in January we will be asking people questions about Wicca. Want to weigh in? Find the next question at the bottom of this post! Who are the God and Goddess of Wicca? Are they specific Gods, or the focal point of all Gods and Goddesses? Not a lot of interest in this question. I think partly because for many people the answers are oathbound and I think a lot of folks simply don't care. Which is odd, because I think this may be the … [Read more...]

The Definition of ‘Pagan’: Monotheism and Polytheism

This summer, I have spent more time doing pagan things – attending festivals and events, teaching and attending workshops, crafting and performing rituals – than at any other point in my life. During these experiences, I have come to believe that one of the largest issues facing paganism today is one of definition: Who are the pagans, exactly? Various answers to this question have been put forward over the years, many of which conflict and confuse, and none of which are adequate in my opinion. To … [Read more...]

Pagan Theology Series

For the next few weeks on the Pagan Portal at Patheos we're going to be engaging in the discussion of Pagan theology. Who are the Gods? What is their nature? Their origin? How do we account for a plurality of religious experience? What is our relationship to the Gods? Why do we exist? Is there a greater purpose?We've started off the series with Mana for Heaven: Bonewits Polytheology and American Capitalism by Alison Shaffer, a comparison of the "worship bargain" to multi-national … [Read more...]

NPT: New Pagan Translation?

Next week we're taking a look at theology from a Pagan perspective and as a result I've been wading through the classics. I'm finding it a bit frustrating, not because I have problems understanding the philosophers and theologians of ancient times, but because the translations seem off.While reading through Sallust's On The Gods And The World, I found the perspective was constantly shifting between a polytheistic and monotheistic viewpoint. While grappling with this it occurred to me that I … [Read more...]