Sleep Trouble, Tornadoes and “Sexy and I Know It”

I've been having trouble sleeping for awhile now. Couldn't figure it out. I was tired all the time and beginning to fear something sinister like mold. So I stripped the bed yesterday to wash everything and I realized those soft, soft pillows my roommate put on my bed were feather pillows. I'm allergic to feathers.Last night some severe storms swept through my area, including at one point a warning that a possible tornado would be at my doorstep in 20 minutes. My roommates and I decided it … [Read more...]

In the Midst of a Storm

There's an impressive thunderstorm raging outside. I'm sitting here listening to the cracks and booms, to the wind and rain battering my home, and wondering how bad will it get? How long will it last? Is that a long roll of thunder, or a tornado headed my way?And this storm is fiercely beautiful. The power is awe-inspiring and majestic. It's a little scary. It reminds me I'm not in control. That I'm small and helpless in the face of nature's great fury. And in some small way, I am … [Read more...]