What Is The Ultimate Spiritual Necessity?

I'm watching Jumping the Broom on a lazy Sunday afternoon as I put off doing laundry. I'm also trying to plan out my month. And as the fabulous Loretta Devine is arguing over the cultural necessity of jumping the broom, and I'm planning out my spiritual activities, I'm wondering what would the spiritual or cultural necessities be for Pagans?In the concentration camps some Jews would risk their lives by hoarding just a little food during the week so they could have a Sabbath feast. Even … [Read more...]

Solitary Again

My solitary experiment for the month of December has evolved in unexpected ways. It began as a way for me to focus on personal issues I was dealing with: the realization I have Asperger's syndrome, some changes I was making in my professional life, and the need to take stock of my life and get my bearings again.One of the unexpected outcomes of my quiet month was the realization that the people I circle with have a calling that I don't have. We don't talk about callings and vocations very … [Read more...]

Hail the Unconquered Sun!

Actually here in Georgia it's a bit rainy and drizzly. There wasn't so much of a sunrise as a lighter shade of grey that dawned. But it's the spirit that counts, right?Cara Schulz has an interesting idea regarding Solstice omens I'm giving a whirl, and adding my own kick to it. Makes sense to use some of the old traditions of my ancestors on this day rather than on New Year's Day, which is really just an arbitrary calendar date. My ancestors believed whatever you do on the first day of the … [Read more...]

Because We Believe?

I was chatting with my High Priest yesterday about how there is no one true Paganism, and why it is trad Craft practices the way it does. I hit on an idea in that conversation I'd like to expand on, and I'd love reader feedback on it because it may be a bit controversial and I may put my foot in my mouth trying to unpack the idea.All Pagan traditions practice differently. Some are stricter than others regarding practice. The tradition I am studying and practicing is a very strict form of … [Read more...]

Grounding the Revolution, Embracing the Legends

Wicca is by nature a revolutionary religion. Rebellion laces it's liturgy and mythos. According to legend, Wicca is what happened when Paganism was driven underground by a violent combination of Christianity and absolute monarchy.I don't know the truth about Wicca's history and doubt anyone ever will. Yet in idle moments I find myself considering the "might have beens" and meditating on what the value of our legends are to our souls. Whatever the scholarship of our history may uncover, I find … [Read more...]

The Gifts of Unity

Occasionally, I wander into a spiritual funk, and it was more often when I was a solitary. Running across this video a few days ago I found an expression  for that funk. It was a lack of unity and community. I've been thinking about this video for some time now and rolling it's themes around in my heart and mind.This past Sunday I was worn-down, run-down and spiritually low. Yet I decided to go sit in on the meditation class for my coven's current set of students, bringing my old notes and … [Read more...]

Beltaine: Marriage-Minded Muddle

Beltaine is the marriage of the Lord and Lady for many of us. I could express all the rich symbolism of union and creation of this time of year purely in song lyrics and poetry. We celebrate this conception and ripening into Parenthood, and continuation of the species, and continuity and familial joy with great mirth. Which can seem a bit odd considering how little support our communities provide for those Pagans who seek this out for themselves.Single Pagans have a confusing set of … [Read more...]

Beltane Family Reunion

The April Moon ritual last night was awesome. Priestesses from our mother coven came to visit and it was just a genuinely good time. I am now looking forward to Beltane so much that I feel antsy as a kid at Christmas. Our Beltane celebrations are like a big family reunion and I was thinking this morning that that is a rather profound thing.I've been to Pagan gatherings that felt like old friends meeting, and events that felt like a gathering of tribes. I've felt Pagan community feel close, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Henry Buchy responds to the Feri schism

Editor's Note: This post is in response to The Sundering of Feri by T. Thorn Coyle.My sister Thorn makes some good points, and very convincing too. I will offer my own ideas of the sundering or schism, because it is similar to the schisms which occurred in Buddhism or Christianity, or even Islam. Yet this division, this sundering is in no way about claiming a one true way, that one approach to Feri is the only correct one. It's more about demonstrating that there is another approach … [Read more...]