I’m No Little Lost Lamb

Months ago I told a friend I was thinking about writing a post on the tendency to preach a type of "sinfulness" or "lostness" in Paganism. Promoting the idea that we are little lost lambs waiting to be brought to the light. The idea that we are just not enough: not magical enough, not aware enough, not holy enough and not subservient enough. Other ideas took precedence. Likely some piece of news caught my attention and I didn't write that post then.Since then, the subject has cropped up … [Read more...]

Pagan Romanticism and the Examined Life

This morning, stemming from Laura Patsouris' recent post, I had an interesting, brief exchange with Jonathan Korman on romanticism in Paganism. I stated that romanticism and the fanciful were necessary for religion to be religion, and that they had a greater power and energy on their own than when grounded in reality. Jonathan's response was "Aye. But it's good to be aware of when we're being romantic."On reading his response my first thought was of Socrates stating that "the unexamined life … [Read more...]

Life, Liberty and the Institution of Marriage?

Yesterday I was reading Timothy Dalrymple's post on the gay marriage debate. Tim's a good fella but we don't agree on a whole lot. So it's not surprising when either of us disagree with something the other wrote. Yet something in his post made me do a double-take: But here’s the thing: no one ever claimed that the legal recognition of gay marriage is going to harm your marriage.  The claim is that it will harm the institution of marriage.  And, with all due respect, the institution of marriage is … [Read more...]