14 Songs for Lupercalia (Valentines Day)

I could use some music today. How about you?I'm officially filing this under 13 Things, but I had to add a little extra awesomeness.Read more on Lupercalia. Always makes me think of Mark Anthony running naked through the streets of Rome. Rawr! 14. Tainted Love - Soft Cell13. Pagan Girl - Emerald Rose12. Sunshine of Your Love - Cream11. This Kiss - Faith Hill10. It's Friday I'm In Love - The Cure9. Just Because - Gaia Consort8. Hey Good Lookin' - Hank Williams … [Read more...]

For the Prettiest Valentine!

Sometimes I think marketing people are on crack. That's the only explanation I could think of when I found myself faced with something so absurd that I actually had to buy it to bring home and blog about.But first let me tell you a story...Zeus and Hera threw a party for some newlyweds. They left their unpredictable daughter, Eris, off the guest list. You can imagine they thought that was a wise choice at the time. However, Eris crashed the party and threw a golden apple marked "for the … [Read more...]

Lupercalia: It’s Not Just for Pagan Fetishists…

No matter what some Christians (and none too small a number of Pagans) might like to think, the connections between the Roman festival of Lupercalia on February 15 and St. Valentine's Day on February 14 are, in fact, few to none.  The idea that Lupercalia is "all about fertility," and thus some sort of distant, more physical and amorous (and therefore "Pagan") cousin to Valentine's Day, is more than a bit of an exaggeration.The part of the festival that most people know about, and … [Read more...]

Love Conquers All

My coven's more or less unofficial motto (we never went through a formal process of adopting it, on the other hand nobody saw fit to argue with me about it) is Omnia vincit amor.  I am a devotee of Ishtar, and its her kind of turn of phrase. Love...and battles.My inner eleven-year-old recalls that the phrase "Love conquers all" is the parting syrupy chorus in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, a story that like so many things was much darker in the original version.  According to Disney, it means t … [Read more...]

A Quieter Kind of Valentine (UPG inside)

Yesterday Galina Krasskova wrote that she finds Aphrodite terrifying. I get that. Aphrodite doesn't terrify me but she's not my style. She's as relevant to me as the World Cup or who cuts Justin Bieber's hair. Besides, Aphrodite doesn't care for me and that's ok.You see, I'm devoted to Hephaistos, and he and Aphrodite don't care for each other. They have what is known as a marriage of inconvenience. Zeus had them marry only to prevent war among the Gods, for who would deny beauty to the homely … [Read more...]

Happy Aphrodite’s Day? (A Few Curious Ramblings)

Aphrodite scares me. I have this list of Gods and Goddesses in my head (mostly Goddesses) Whom I will go out of my way not to offend, annoy, or otherwise irritate (not that I want to offend, annoy, or irritate any Deity!) and Aphrodite tops the list. She beat out Hela, the Norse Goddess of death for the honor, though I have to admit it was a close call. To put this in perspective, I belong to Odin and I’ve known many people to find Him utterly terrifying so when I talk about how terrifying I f … [Read more...]

A Valentine for the Single Folks

Valentines is a time to celebrate romantic love, and some folks feel they need to be in a relationship for Valentines Day or they feel like crud. What silliness. I say Valentines is a time to celebrate healthy romantic love, and making good relationship choices. Part of making good choices is not only being in relationships for the right reasons, but being single for the right reasons as well. So here's my Valentine for all the single folks.You honor love when you know yourself, your … [Read more...]

Valentine to the Gods

Music is healing. I know this to be true. When I feel bad the right piece of music can ease my pain and discomfort, give me space to to unravel my illness and heal it. Right now it feels like all the little green guys from the Mucinex commercial have invaded my throat. My body aches. I slept badly. Just one of those days where you want to crawl in bed with some Benadryl and start over tomorrow.Oh but time waits for no woman, even if she's fixing her hair. So up I am trying to sort through … [Read more...]