Happy Veteran’s Day: Pagans find warm welcome at ‘Gateways to the Air Force’

What I love best about the Pagan community is that every time I feel down I read about something amazing happening in Pagandom that just lights me up. Today Cara Schulz at PNC- Minnesota has an incredible article up about Pagans in the military: When potential Military Members join the United States Air Force they usually enter through one of two Gateways To The Air Force.  Future officers attend college at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy and enlisted trainees go through Basic Military … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Musings on Memorial Day

For those of us who are so lucky, we have a lovely three-day weekend before us. Memorial Day is far more than an occasion to exercise your checkbook (or should I say debit card swipe) in pursuit of retail bargains. Rather it is a holiday rooted in American history that has shifted overtime in the American consciousness, and yet it is also a holiday that many in the Northern Tradition have taken to claim as their own.Memorial Day is a U.S. national holiday. The official birthplace of Memorial … [Read more...]