Wyrd Designs – Wedding Customs in the Northern Tradition

While part of the world may now be in Royal Wedding-mania, all I can say is, I grow a bit weary of all of the news and media coverage, especially of the fluff stories of the really tacky merchandise, or finding Kate’s face on a jelly-bean. Dear world media, really? Is that the best thing you can come up with by the dateline?I wish Wills & Katie the best, and I hope that all the problems that so plagued some of the last royal couples don’t plague this new generation. But I am very glad the d … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Understanding the Symbols Part 6 – Vegvísir

As is often the case, some symbols are more commonly known than others within the iconography of any religion or magical tradition, and in this regards the Northern Tradition is no different. The Vegvísir, is a magical symbol of navigation and may also be connected with actual compasses. The Vegvísir literally means in Icelandic ‘guidepost’ and is sometimes colloquially called today a Runic or Viking Compass. … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – In the News: Priest Honored for Saving Dublin’s Viking Past

Far too often, most of us who have come to some form of paganism came so through experiences from Christianity. Unfortunately, the issues that made us leave that religion behind us to find and embrace this new one follows us around like baggage sometimes. But sometimes we also need to remember that without the steps on the journey that led us to this path we may not have found it in the first place.A recent news article I stumbled across reminded me of this, that as much as we sometimes blame … [Read more...]