This isn't going to be a very uplifting Memorial Day post. Nor is it very Pagan, except perhaps in the way that I view collective responsibility and the necessity to uphold it. This time last year, we had just found out that my brother, a Vietnam veteran, had liver cancer. He hadn't been getting regular screenings from the VA even though he had been exposed to Agent Orange and should have been considered high-risk. They didn't tell him that. It was just the last in a myriad of ways that the … [Read more...]

Honoring Our Fallen

I walk the warrior’s path. I have in my time served a Goddess of war (Sekhmet) and I’m owned by a God of war and military leadership (Odin). I’ve studied martial arts, weapons, shooting, and but for an early back injury, would have gone into the military. I am fortunate that within Heathenry, the values taught along the warrior’s path are generally respected. Before I became Heathen, however, when I moved predominantly in eclectic Pagan circles, my respect for those who submit themselves … [Read more...]

Remembering Veterans, Remembering My Father

Americans are preparing to celebrate Memorial Day, a day to remember those who have given their lives in the US armed forces. Though its origins date back to 1868, it wasn’t declared a National Holiday until Congress passed the National Holiday Act in 1971. If you’ve never seen a military cemetery around Memorial Day, it’s a very moving event. I had the opportunity to be in Luxembourg for Memorial Day weekend many years ago. I was able to visit the Luxembourg American Cemetery and … [Read more...]

Addicted to Outrage

There are a lot of pundits who make a good living on outrage. It's their first refuge and resort. President Obama has decided to visit a different National Cemetary for Memorial Day because it seems a bit unfair that it's always Arlington that gets the attention. Surely the servicemembers in other National Cemetaries are just as noble, brave and deserving of a Presidential visit. It seems pretty reasonable for anyone willing to actually look at what is really happening. However, a person hooked … [Read more...]

Sgt Stewart: Honoring Fallen Pagan Warriors

I look forward to the stories I will tell kids as I get older. When I was your age we didn't have the internet. When I was your age cell phones were HUGE and carried in small briefcases. When I was your age fallen Pagan military members didn't get their symbol of religion on their grave without a fight. Take some time to remember Sgt Patrick Stewart, and his widow Roberta this weekend. The VA decided to stonewall the request for a pentacle to be placed on his VA memorial plaque which launched … [Read more...]

Ares and Aphrodite make love in Afghanistan

If you have ever had a hard time wrapping your mind around the hot, passionate love affair that Love and War engage in, you need to watch this video and all is made clear. Lady Gaga's Telephone - Afghanistan Remix Performed by soldiers from the 82nd Airborne unit stationed in Afghanistan, this video is a remake of Lady Gaga's "Telephone". The soldiers tease one another in sexually suggestive ways and seem comfortable doing so. Part way through the video more soldiers join in and their … [Read more...]