Can I get a Witness?

It's the last day of the lunar cycle, the moon is in Virgo, it's raining and I would love to curl up under a quilt with a book. It's one of those reflective, misty sort of days that make you crave chili and stew. It's also less than two weeks to my initiation.Despite being a blogging loudmouth, I don't like attention. I don't want to be the center of anything. I cringe up and want to hide when waiters decide to sing me Happy Birthday, much to family and friends delight. If I have to speak in … [Read more...]

Is Initiation a Betrayal? and other odd questions…

I'm getting antsy. I'm getting cold feet. I'm going a bit insane. I am told this is normal, as my initiation is just a month away.Last night I called my priestess to see if there was something I could work on or study to prepare and keep my mind busy. She laughed, like I knew she would, because reading and overthinking is how I deal with things. She said meditation is always good for anxiety, but what I was experiencing is a normal part of the process and I need to accept that.I knew she … [Read more...]

Shaping Wicca: Musing on Gardner and Valiente

The discussion on my last two posts on Wicca have been fascinating, and they've brought to light something I haven't considered before. True to form, I'll take this idea and run with it until I hit a wall. As this is the anniversary of Valiente's death, it seems fitting to ponder her role in shaping the Craft.In any Pagan forum you can find the, often unchallenged, assertion that Gardner invented Wicca. A little more digging will find Fam Trad and non-Gardnerian derived Wiccans claiming … [Read more...]

Is Wicca a Christian Heresy?

Yesterday I gave a grumpy rant over the Watchtowers and LBRP being included in some strains of Wicca. The responses surprised me and set me to thinking.If you begin with the premise that everything in Wicca came from a Christianized society, that Wicca was founded by people raised and well-versed in Christianity, that elements of some strains of Wicca represent entirely Abrahamic, Copernican earth- and human-centric worldviews, does it then follow that Wicca is a Christian heresy?If Wicca is … [Read more...]

The Watchtowers and Abrahamic Wicca

My first significant encounters with Wiccan thought were with Kaatryn McMorgan's All One Wicca and the Farrar's The Witches Bible. MacMorgan gave me a firm grounding to begin my studies, but the Farrar's intoxicated me with the beauty and majesty of Wicca. I remember being particularly struck by the Watchtowers.Being ignorant of their origin, history or deeper meanings, my imagination unfolded a scene right out a Fantasia: vast castles with central towers in the cardinal directions, rising … [Read more...]

Oprah Owes An Apology to the West Memphis Three

So does Geraldo Rivera, Dan Rather, WMCTV (the local NBC affiliate in Memphis, TN) and every other media, therapist, law enforcement and religious figure that willingly stoked up fears over Satanic Ritual Abuse despite the complete lack of evidence. FBI investigations found absolutely no evidence that Satanic ritual abuse was happening, or that, as anyone who knows a Satanist could tell you, Satanists are not organized in any fashion to facilitate such widespread abuse nor do they have any … [Read more...]

West Memphis Three Walk Free After 18 Years

They were convicted for being young, goth, Wiccan metalheads at the height of the Satanic Panic. Today they walk free.No evidence. Not a shred. Law enforcement decided the "Satanic kids" committed the crime and refused to entertain evidence that suggested otherwise. Recent DNA evidence exonerated them.Not that you would know this by the DA running the press conference. He didn't mention the DNA doesn't match. He didn't mention there was no real evidence. He didn't mention the evidence … [Read more...]

Should Pagans Create Meaning From Scratch? Out of nothing?

I've been sneaking reading into my day, much like the old days under blankets with a flashlight. I got a copy of All Things Shining to review, which rumor has it basically recommends polytheism as the cure for modern nihilism.In the second chapter I found an idea that made me pause, and I invite you to sit with it for a moment, to consider it: "It is as if the true burden of this responsibility—the responsibility to escape from the meaninglessness and drudgery of a godless world by c … [Read more...]

Initiation: A Love Letter

The past two weekends I've been sorely tempted to write about things I find on the internet that make me despair of my community. From teachers whose "principles" require a fealty oath to their person, to people once again hating on Wicca, to people defining Wicca as spiritual silly putty. Maybe I should write about those things, but I just don't need to weigh down my soul with that right now. Instead, I'd like to tell you about why I petitioned for initiation into Traditional Witchcraft.1. … [Read more...]

You Can’t Appropriate Your Own Culture

Seems like common sense, right? Yet common sense, as the saying goes, isn't quite so common.At Pagan Spirit Gathering this year I attended the Redneck Ritual. Debby led the ritual, which involved Dale Earnhardt, RC Cola and Moon Pies. Being from the great state of Georgia herself, she didn't appropriate Redneck culture, because it's her culture. As a participant in the ritual, being from rural Georgia and eating boiled peanuts on occasion, I didn't appropriate anything from rednecks, because I … [Read more...]