Supporting Each Other

I'm tired and it isn't even 10 AM yet. It's been a long week. Without any other considerations I'd probably spend the weekend in bed with a book.Instead I'll be going to an initiation ritual with folks from church. Some of the people in my coven will be getting their first degree and it's a big deal for them. I want to be there to celebrate with them, to help out with the set up and clean up. As a neophyte I won't participate in ritual but hang out with the other neophytes and make sure the … [Read more...]

O’Donnell, the Media, Real Witches and the Promise of October

The Pagan community never expected this kind of media attention over Christine O'Donnell's ignorant and silly comments. We certainly didn't receive this much attention when Jerry Falwell said that we, along with the ACLU and others, caused 9/11. As a community we are used to people saying something negative and ridiculous about us in the public forum while we try in vain to be heard above the media hoopla. Yet O'Donnell's comments have the media coming to us, and this is something new.Jason … [Read more...]

The Unexpected Blessings of Lady Sintana

I never met Lady Sintana, but I firmly believe she is the reason I am a Witch today. It's kind of a long story, so bear with me.Lady Sintana was a very public Witch, one of the few well-known public Witches who were not authors. She appeared fairly regularly in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She fought seminal court battles for Wiccan rights. She took in animals and people who needed her help. For many years her doors were always open, 24/7, and the House of Ravenwood Church and Seminary … [Read more...]

More Than One Paganism

I had initially intended to have this article finished last week, in coordination with the wonderful “Future of Paganism” series, however as so often happens, life intervened. Still, I’m posting it now –better late than never!—because I think that this is something that needs to be said clearly and without compromise for I’ve worked in too many venues wherein the well-meaning people (most all committed to ecumenicalism or interfaith work) struggled mightily with this truism: “Paganism” is a multi … [Read more...]

Reconciling Wicca’s Gods

(I should state that I am not yet an initiate of the tradition I am studying, so nothing beyond the quote is representative of my tradition.)I've noticed an interesting thing. There are people who identify as Wiccan who shun the term Pagan and people who embrace the label of Pagan that shy away from anything that suggests Wiccan. I used to be one of the latter but I now embrace both labels. Often once I've reconciled something within my own heart I tend to assume everyone else has reached the … [Read more...]

The Future of British Traditional Wicca

I was born in 1981, as was my high priest. One of my coveners was born in 1990. As Generation Y witches, we look at the world very differently from our elders. We came to the craft long after Gardner's claims of prehistoric knowledge had been debunked, after many of the craft texts had been sourced to Leland, Crowley, and Valiente. We make no apologies for the fact that the craft we practice is thoroughly modern.There is very little written material about the craft reflects what we actually … [Read more...]

World’s Most Famous Wiccan Weds!

Some of you die-hard Springfieldians may have already noticed the hub-bub on the web, but according to the invitation shown in a fantasy sequence in a 1995 episodes of The Simpsons, today is the day the world's most famous Wiccan weds: Lisa Simpson! Congratulations to the brainest Simpson of them all! … [Read more...]

Deepening Craft: The Three-Fold Law and Other Things

I got some interesting feedback the other day on my musings on deepening my Craft. I'm going to touch quickly on some of that before I move on to talk about the Three-Fold Law.One person mentioned that Wicca was most definitely not a revealed religion. Which is fine. I happen to be fine with leaving our origins shrouded in mystery. Be it 50 or 5,000 years old, it still has depth, magic and meaning. One of the oldest branches of this weird collective called Modern Paganism, Thelema, is a … [Read more...]

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Fresh From Festival

Sunkissed and bug-bit I am fresh from a private Pagan festival. The covens of my tradition came together last weekend for classes, rituals and partying in a moonless night.I don't have anything really deep to say about it but with PSG gearing up I thought I'd share some random thoughts from the weekend.First, Pagans are truly fabulous people. Being in the woods with Witches was a really incredibly beautiful experience. They are such warm, mindful, thoughtful people. I truly love my faith … [Read more...]