Mars, Sikhs, Hindus and Polyamory! Oh My!

Way too much going on today for me to focus on one thing.First of all, my heart aches for the Sikh community. Unlike the meaningless loss of the Aurora shooting, this apparently had a motivation that you can articulate your grief against. This is one hate crime among many, and one that leaves me with a profound sense of sorrow that people are still committing violence over ethnicity here in this country. I want us to be better than this. All my love and sympathy to the Sikh community of … [Read more...]

Revolution of the Heart

I'm not an Age of Aquarius person. I am not Atlantis and Light. I view myself as rather earthy and more concerned with cabbages than chakras. Yet even I feel something in the air. Protests, revolts and unrest fill the news. Everything feels antsy. As one friend told me, they honestly feel like Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight" fits the current atmosphere.It's not just Egypt and Libya, or Wisconsin and Ohio. It's in our very hearts. That Imbolc tide, pushing hidden things forth through earth … [Read more...]

A Moral Response to Wisconsin

I have a profound dislike of talking religion and politics. However, what's happening in Wisconsin touches deeply on my core religious values and beliefs.I am a Union kid. My father was not only a member of the UAW but he also served a term as a local rep. A master electrician, he began learning his craft through an apprenticeship program, believed strongly in buying goods manufactured in the US and took me to pro-Union and American-made demonstrations. He was devoted to Jesus the Carpenter. … [Read more...]