Wyrd Designs – Understanding the Words – Fylgja

For those familiar with Irish folklore, you may have heard of tales about meeting a fetch. In these tales, a fetch is a person's own doppelganger. Usually the seeing of one's fetch portends one of two things in Irish folktales:  if one sees their fetch in the morning (i.e. your own image) it means you have a happy long life ahead, but if you see your fetch in the evening your death is very near.The word fetch also appears to be the Old English word equivalent to the Old Norse word Fylgja. In … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Feithline on Pagan “Clergy”

I have been wrestling with this all day, and in conversations at Facebook, I have attained more confusion than clarity. There seems to be a pretty even split between those who have no trouble with the apparent adoption by many pagan groups of a lexicon that was once strictly Christian, and those who feel unsettled by it. I haven’t yet come across anyone who was openly hostile to the idea, but I will admit here and now that my feelings are certainly verging on the hostile. I am *very* u … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Ritual Symbolism in the Northern Tradition

Most of those who come to our religion, come first from some form of Christianity. Let's put ourselves in a hypothetical situation for a moment. Let's say you know nothing about Christianity, and you find yourself at a Catholic service. At the conclusion of the service, Communion is given to those appropriate believers in the church. As an outsider you can watch this process, and somehow understand that the bread/wafer they're eating, and the beverage they're drinking has some sort of ritual … [Read more...]