Wyrd Designs – The Nine Worlds

In Heathenry, our cosmology is comprised of nine worlds. Unfortunately, descriptions of the nine worlds don’t appear all together, but rather stretched out over a variety of sources in the lore (such as: Alvissmal 20, Volupsa 2, Vafþrúðnismál 43, Gylfaginning 34). By lore sources alone we are given two different lists of the nine worlds. This makes it difficult to try to piece together or visualize how these worlds interact with one another.Adding to this problem are little nuances to trans … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Nine Long Nights – a song

As a child, I recall playing on my swingset and created my own songs and lyrics on the fly. As a teen when I was attending church (when I'd rather be sleeping), the one part of the service I didn't mind was the songs. I enjoyed singing, even if my own singing skills are less fantabulous than the Glee cast. When I converted into paganism, and later especially the Northern Tradition, I found myself missing the songs the most. Perhaps that why, I have a tendency to start singing my lore at times. F … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Understanding the Symbols Part 3 – Irminsul

The Irminsul is a symbol found in antiquity, but unlike the mjollnir (Thor’s Hammer), this is not a symbol that we have any evidence of it ever being worn. Instead it appears to be a communal symbol, erected in honor of the Gods. The Irminsul, in the Old Saxon language means mighty pillar, and it may connect to a possible god of the Saxon tribe by the name of Irmin as well. The existence of Irmin is at best a supposition and is by no means absolute. Some scholars who do accept the possibility of … [Read more...]