Blessings Unawares

I'm feeling very blessed today. Many amazing things have come together for me this month, and although I know I have a lot of hard work ahead, I'm feeling very hopeful. I truly believe 2012 will be an amazing year.Old poems keep calling back to me lately, and this morning this verse by Emerson demanded my attention: WorshipTHIS is he, who, felled by foes, Sprung harmless up, refreshed by blows He to captivity was sold, But him no prison-bars would hold: Though they sealed him in a … [Read more...]

What Really Happened to Dolores Umbridge (and Why It Matters)

The Friendly Atheist has already pointed out religious people are geeks. This must mean Pagans are uber-geeks, because we can seamlessly slide from theology into Monty Python and back again. Which is why when my friend Anita posted a simple question about Harry Potter we delved deeply into religion, gender issues and all things Harry Potter. Like we do.Here's her question, paraphrased: in the Order of the Phoenix Dolores Umbridge is carried off into the woods by centaurs after she insults … [Read more...]

Don’t You Mean God’s Husband?

Jason Pitzl-Waters wrote about the recent God's Wife controversy over at On Faith. As a dude he nailed it, and I suggest you open it in a new tab and read it through before you go further into my rant. Leave a comment and tell him you appreciate what he wrote.I've been avoiding this drama because it cuts too close to the bone. It makes my head begin to buzz like angry honey bees. It makes me clench my fist and grind my teeth. Y'all know I ain't the Goddessy type. I have no patience for … [Read more...]

Morality on a Bun: Chick-fil-A is Anti-Gay

Here in the South we have a fast food joint called Chick-fil-A. Fried chicken, waffle fries and the best vanilla soft serve ice cream on the planet. They have cute commercials and ads featuring barely literate cows. Oh and they "don't accept homosexual couples."You see, the tasty chicken joint that's famously closed on Sunday has a charitable branch called the WinShape Foundation, which runs a retreat which expressly prohibits homosexual couples. Plus they often give money to anti-gay … [Read more...]

Touchdown Jesus and the Curious Fate of Giant Statues

This morning the news was full of the tragic demise by lightning induced fire of Touchdown Jesus, aka Big Butter Jeebus. A highly flammable plastic foam and fiberglass statue rising 62 feet high, "King of Kings" was built in 2004 for a cost of 250k.The jokes and theories have been non-stop. Obviously Zeus was pissed. (But he gets pissed on a regular basis nowadays.) Maybe the man who turned the tables on the moneychangers and preached charity didn't care for a quarter million dollar statue … [Read more...]