Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that my shoulders ache all the time. I confess that it seems to be worse in the winter than the summer. I tell myself it has something to do with how much I run but have no idea if running could cause shoulder pain, and I think I’m only telling myself that to avoid the reality that stuff just hurts when you are getting old.

I confess that my friend Randy made it another week as a sober human being. Every week I worry about him and pray that we’ll make it to another Sunday so I can see him and verify that he’s still with us and still fighting the addictions.

I confess that my list of things to do around the house is growing longer and longer. After a decent summer of keeping up with my tasks I have now completely dropped the ball.

I confess that since the No Cable Pledge – ceasing to watch all 24 hour cable news networks until after the election – I’ve never really gone back to watching. When I did it became painfully obvious that FoxNews, MSNBC, and CNN are not really news outfits. They are commentators not reporters. The spin and demagoguery, the focus on triviality, and their need to sensationalize almost everything paled in comparison to the kind of informative journalism I’m finding in the print media. I confess that I think Cable News is becoming oxymoronic.

I confess that feeling relieved that we are back to preaching from the Lectionary. I confess that between Advent and Pentecost I love that I take my preaching assignments from the church at large.

I confess that I have not yet watched a college basketball game this season.

I confess that my closet / clothes organizational plan & execution has become a complete disaster. I have no plan for how to fix it.

I confess that it’s 20 degrees out this morning and I think it feels awesome. I love the fall so much. She is the queen of seasons.

I confess that I’m still hooked on and spend far too much time watching The Big Bang Theory. I confess that New Girl is becoming less funny to me. I can’t tell if its the show or if its just me.

I confess that I find calendar work and planning to be overly exhausting. I’m always surprised by how much energy it takes me to plan & calendar-ize my year and how unsatisfied I feel after it’s done.

I confess that I was much more committed to the daily office last week. I hit three offices every day except Saturday, and one day I prayed all five. I confess that midday prayer continues to be the weak link. I confess that finding time for solitude & meditation has been tough in recent months.

I confess that I’m disappointed that Collin Klein didn’t win the Heisman Trophy. I confess that most of my disappointment stems from two ideas: 1) I think Manziel put up ungodly numbers at least in part because teams didn’t start keying on him until halfway through the season, and even when they finally did there was no book on him in year one. In Klein’s senior year he did it while the whole world knew they had to stop him. What Klein did was actually more impressive to me (think Denard Robinson at Michigan his 1st year versus his senior year).2) Klein is just everything that’s right about CFB. When they invented the Heisman Trophy they had Collin Klein in mind. He should have won.

I confess that if Notre Dame played in the Big 10, Big 12, or the SEC I think that they would have never gone undefeated this year.

Okay people – I made my confession, now it’s time for you to make yours!

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