The Scientist Who Fired God – A Little Friday Funny

science.001One day, when science had become incredibly advanced. Thanks to the efforts of by bio-medical engineers, most human diseases had been eradicated, and the infant mortality rate was almost zero. Thanks to genetic engineers, nearly all birth defects and genetic diseases could be reversed immediately, and people were living longer than ever. They even learned how to clone human beings in the laboratory, so if anyone died, they could just make a new version of them.

So, the scientists and engineers all got together and decide it’s time they face reality. “Human beings have outgrown God,” they said. “We can cure every disease and repair genetic defects. All children are born safely, and the elderly live long and productive lives. Even if we do lose a loved one, we can just clone them and still have them with us. Let’s face it, we don’t need God anymore. We have science.”

The scientists, sure they were onto something, told each other, “Somebody has to go to heaven and fire God.” They picked one representative to deliver the pink slip to the Almighty.

The scientists figured out a way to teleport the man into God’s presence, and he boldly walked right up to God and said. “Okay, God… here’s the deal. We don’t mean any disrespect, but the truth is that we’ve got to the point where you are no longer necessary. We’ve unlocked the mysteries of the universe. Diseases are taken care of. All children are born safely and live longer than ever. We can even clone people if they are suddenly lost. I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but your services are no longer needed.”

God listened patiently to the scientist, nodding and understanding. When the scientist had finished speaking, God was silent for a few moments and said, “I can see your point. You guys have done some wonderful things and I’m very proud of you. But, I think it’s possible you are not as powerful as you think.”

The scientist answered, “I tell you what, since there’s nothing you can do that we can’t do, let’s have a contest.”

“Okay,” the Lord said, “Let’s have a man-making contest.”

“Sure,” said the scientist. “I can clone any human from modern history. Who would you like me to create?”

“No, no,” God said, “We going to do this old-school, just like back in the beginning when I made old Adam out of the dust.

“Okay,” said the scientist, “I can do that.” And he reached down to pick up a handful of dirt.”

God just looked at him and said, “Oh no, no, no… you can get your own dirt.”

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  • Amtep

    This is such a weird view of what scientists are like.

    A scientist who could actually get a face to face meeting with God would start with “I have so many questions

  • Jim Jones

    Let’s start with the Holocaust. And why Hitler is in heaven while Anne Frank is in hell.