J.R. Woodward Engages With Shrink at the V3 Blog Today


I am excited to see that J.R. Woodward at V3 Church Planting Movement is engaging with Shrink on his blog today. You can read the full article at his site. J.R. is crashing together themes from Shrink, Slow Church, and the recent attention given to Amazon.com’s work/leadership culture. It’s a pretty interesting read. Here’s a quick excerpt: Too [Read More...]

Do You Feel the Love? I Feel the Love: Monday Morning Confessional


I confess that once I get The Mowgli’s song San Francisco stuck in my head, it has a tendency to stay there absolutely all day long. I make no apologies for this, you see, because I’ve been in love with love, and the idea of something binding us together for a long, long time. Anytime I can [Read More...]

How Limits Lead to Freedom, a Practical Exercise: The Purge


Yesterday I wrote a post about what makes for human freedom. Most of us uncritically believe that freedom is about a lack of constraint. Limits are something to be thrown off and left behind. Freedom, we’ve been taught, is about self-determination; no limits. We should be free to do whatever we want, so long as we don’t impede other people’s [Read More...]

What is the Path to Human Freedom? (It’s Not What You Think It Is)


Freedom is a big deal in our culture—the founding virtue of American society—despite the fact that most of us have a naïve understanding of what we mean when we claim to be free. Freedom is typically defined as self-determination; no limits. We are free to do whatever we want to do, so long as we [Read More...]

What Ever Happened to the News?: How the Internet Transformed Ephemera into Journalism


I’m finding it harder and harder to read the news these days. Mostly I cycle through the sites I used to care about, glancing at headlines and thinking to myself how inane and ridiculous it has become. There’s an interesting article in The New York Times on the topic. It’s written by Ravi Somaiya, and it manages to be [Read More...]

Road Trip Hacks: Family Vacation 03

road trip.001

If you are like me, and childhood memories of being bored stiff while your parents observed the Jimmy Carter 55 mph speed limit on the way to who knows where have scarred your for life, then passing the time on a long road trip is more than a minor concern. Maybe that’s why I unapologetically allow our kids to [Read More...]

Watching The Goonies With My Kids: Family Vacation 02

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We watched The Goonies as a family last night. 30 years after it first came out and the film still holds up. My favorite thing about this movie is that it celebrates faithful participation in a community that is vulnerable to those with money and power. The goal the kids are chasing isn’t the means to [Read More...]

Top 10 Favorite Candy Bars of All Time: Family Vacation 01


So we are on family vacation right now, and I typically suspend all pretense of eating well during these things. A week or so of culinary hedonism is good for the soul right? I choose to think it is. So when my wife read me an article from the food section at The Huffington Post on the Best [Read More...]

Why the Church Is In Decline…

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I love the church. I believe in the church. I believe in the church maybe more than I believe in any other thing in this world. The church is the surest sign I know of that God loves everything he’s created; that God is not done with the world. The church is the singular reality [Read More...]

When I Talk About Race I Feel Like a Phony: The Problem of Being White & Talking About Racism


Many black leaders have been bitterly disappointed that President Obama has not shown more leadership in the arena of race. They might have a point. It’s not as though he hasn’t had the opportunity. From Travon Martin, to Ferguson, to Charleston, the opportunity for a President to actually do something with regard to the issue of [Read More...]