Jib Jab’s Year in Review 2012 – “The End Is Here!”

Best recap of 2012 I’ve seen so far. [Read more…]

Friday Funny – Harvard Sailing Team’s “Puppy Pictures”

When you get together with family and friends during the holidays someone will inevitably bring some pictures of their family trip, their kids doing sports, their new puppy. I’m not going to lie, it can get a little awkward. But you have never seen something as awkward as this. The first comment on Youtube said, [Read More…]

This Is How You Give a Christmas Gift

In the interest of full disclosure, the remarkable young woman in this post is my niece… Sarah Thompson will be spending her Christmas break donating part of her liver to help save a friend who is suffering from Byler’s Disease. She will forever win the “how you spending your xmas break” contest at her house. [Read More…]

Brent Strawn on CNN – The Bible on Dealing with Grief

Brent Strawn was on CNN yesterday talking about the Bible’s view on how to deal with grief. Last year I attended the Earle Lectures on Biblical Literature with Brent Strawn from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Strawn is an Old Testament scholar and the lectures were amazing. I got to meet him and [Read More…]

Nate Silver Adds Some Context to Gun Control: The Nerds Bring the Numbers

It’s always good when an argument is brewing and the boiler plate rhetoric gets old as it takes us nowhere, to look at a few numbers. Nate Silver has a couple of good posts: One article looking at gun control and how it is related to party identity. Another article looking at the rhetoric associated [Read More…]

What to Do About Gun Violence: Personal Freedoms v. The Common Good

Scot McKnight has an interesting blog post up at Jesus Creed talking about gun violence. In it McKnight reminded me that an important aspect of the argument about gun control, especially in light of the recent shootings, is the age old struggle between two competing yet essential ideals: freedom and the common good. Freedom is [Read More…]

Watch This Video, Because You Need a Little Beauty In Your Life: “A Hallelujah Christmas” by Cloverton

I’ve made a couple of new friends, Joshua & Tiffany Svorinic, through my church. Josh is in the band Cloverton & they’ve put together a little video Christmas present for their fans. It’s an adaptation of the great Leonard Cohen tune “Hallelujah,” and it’s absolutely beautiful. As I attempt to ratchet down my pace of [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am weary from grief and worry. I confess that last week was rough. Monday, a suicide attempt by a dear soul who was living with us at the time. Wednesday, my best friend’s nephew died inexplicably. He was just shy of two years old. Friday… you know about Friday. I confess [Read More…]

SNL Silent Night – Children’s Choir Opens Show

Saturday Night Live’s signature opening is always cold. No theme music, no credits, just a live shot of sketch comedy. With viewers no doubt still mourning the Connecticut school shooting one day earlier – they scrubbed the first sketch and played this instead. It’s absolutely beautiful. Well done SNL. [Read more…]

It Was An Act of Madness…

It’s been a hell of a week… Then around noon today I clicked on my news feed and the week got worse. Early reports are saying 18 children are dead after a madman opened fire in an elementary school in Connecticut – at least 8 adults killed as well. It was an act of madness. [Read More…]