Conservative/Liberal Hatred is a Sign of Immaturity


Every week or so I read an article about the historic partisanship of the present day. Rancor between liberals and conservatives is at an all time high. Often the writer will claim partisanship is good: opposing views will be articulated by their strongest advocates. Is that really what happens? Liberals claim that conservatives hate the [Read More...]

The Poorest Fifth of Americans Out-give the Richest Fifth – Guess which Candidate Bucks the Trend?

Andrew Sullivan had an interesting take at The Dish this week. He notes that a key component of any plan to reduce the amount of money the U.S. government spends on entitlement programs will have to involve churches, ministries, and not-for-profit groups. These groups will have to shoulder more of the burden for caring for [Read More...]

What’s the common denominator for mass murderers? White, Male, Christian, or Crazy: answer may surprise you.

Elizabeth Drescher’s recent tweet, “Angry, Hateful, Demented white people are really bringing me down #Aurora#ChickFilA #OakCreek” seems to indicate her angst. She writes a brilliant article at Religion Dispatches talking about the link between masculinity and mass violence. Drescher is the fundamental question regarding the recent spate of mass murders in America: What is the common [Read More...]

A Sociological Look at the MegaChurch

The megachurch is a topic that fascinates me as a church leader. I’ve been involved in megachurch culture for a couple of decades now and have been trying to think critically about their impact on the health of the church universal. I’ve drawn a lot of conclusions to this point, some of them are in [Read More...]

The End of the Middle: How the Death of Compromise Crippled our Government

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KC Star this weekend ran a story called “The End of the Middle: How the Death of Compromise Crippled our Government.” The article is well worth taking a few moments to read. Here are a few pull quotes… what do you think? “On a spring day in 1984, a politician named Tip O’Neill walked to [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that while having dinner with friends this weekend we started laughing about people farting while doing yoga. My wife said that there was one particular pose that caused a ton of people to blow, and I really wanted to know which one it was. So I googled it. I confess that I had [Read More...]

Saturday Morning Fun: Best political quiz ever at “I Side With” / take 5 min. to learn which candidates agree with you

i side with results

Every election season there is some sort of quiz flying around to help you decide which candidate you should vote for. They always bug be because I never quite agree with any of the answers, so I end up having to choose the lesser of two evils, which is way too much like the ballot [Read More...]

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

There is a pretty stunning article by Bill McKibbin in the current Rolling Stone that I really wish everyone would read. It’s a long article, but if you’ll take the 15 or 20 minutes to actually read and digest the material, I think you’ll have a new perspective on what the world is facing. Here [Read More...]

What Happens when the “Daily Quiet Time” Simply Stops Working?

In 2001-2002, after years of ministry & the pursuit of God the Quiet Time model of person devotions stopped working for me. I mean, it literally just stopped. From about 7th grade on I was taught how to have a “quiet time.” The quiet time is Evangelicalism 101. My first training came from something called [Read More...]

Had a Conversation about Public Jesus on Doug Pagitt Radio Today – here are the clips:

Thanks to Doug for having me on the show to talk about Public Jesus & the upcoming political election season. Here are a couple of clips from the discussion:   [Read more...]