The End of Planned Obsolescence?

You know that thing they have each year all of the companies who make consumer electronics get together for a convention to show off their stuff (and apple never comes because they have their own way of doing everything)? Well, it’s called the Consumer Electronics Show & it just happened. Here’s a quick list of [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that when I was young many people who surrounded me in my little world held MLK in deep suspicion. He was not considered a great man by them. I often heard statements like, “Once the FBI files on MLK are opened, the world will really see what he was like. And they won’t [Read More...]

Take the Civic Literacy Quiz

Just for fun I put together a Civic Literacy Quiz – don’t think too much about it, just fire through and then post your score in the comments. I’ll post a few notes that explain the answers in the comments a little later. Quizzes by | SnapApp Quiz Apps [Read more...]

Pastor Ed Young’s Sexperiment

To promote his new book called Sexperiment, MegaChurch pastor Ed Young is having his very own “bed-in,” you can watch the promotional video below. By “bed-in” he means that he and his wife are putting a bed on the roof of their ginormous church, (ala-Yoko and John), and then they are going to stay in [Read More...]

John Lennon, Cee Lo Green, Peter Rollins, and the End of Religion

On New Year’s Eve – Cee Lo Green stepped in it. The Rolling Stone headline read: “Cee Lo Green Outrages John Lennon Fans by Changing Lyrics to ‘Imagine.’” The controversy could shed new light on a great old song. THE SONG: I’ve always loved the song Imagine. For one thing, I grew up on the [Read More...]

A Leading Conservative Stumps for the Common Good!

It’s an election year so nonsense is afoot no matter where you turn. But I just read a very common sense argument for the common good. And it was not at Sojourners or a lefty news outfit. It was from Fox’s Bill Kristol.In my most recent article at the Huffington Post, I had some harsh [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I make my confession – make yours! I confess that in the car on the way to have pizza Sunday afternoon, I sang Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” at the top of my lungs with my two boys. I confess that for the first time in my life – I have now heard somebody [Read More...]

Being a Christian Should Scare the Hell Out of Us

“The House Studio” is putting out some great material these days. In particular, they are re-packaging some profound video footage from great American theologians and practitioners along with well written study guides for small group study. They are great – affordable, too. My friend Isaac Anderson wrote the study guide for the “Economy of Love,” [Read More...]

Marilyn Monroe was a Book Lover?

There was a pretty interesting article at yesterday about Marilyn Monroe. Simon Doonan has written a book called Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, and this excerpt is published at Slate. In it Simon tells about being the designer hired to put Marilyn’s personal estate on display for Christie’s auction house. Doonan is a pretty [Read More...]

Pat Robertson’s 2012 Prediction: “This country will begin disintegrating”

Pat Robertson told viewers of his program (how does he still have them?), that God told him who the next president is going to be… but he is not supposed to tell us. This, as we all know, is the tele-evangelical equivalent of that thing where you show a little kid how you can remove [Read More...]

Messing with Dispensationalists

Thanks everyone for the great conversation yesterday on “Why are young adults leaving the church?” It’s a question which deserves a lot of thought and discourse – I’m glad it could happen on Paperback Theology. On a lighter note… I ran across this video yesterday from the Lutheran Satire folks. You’ve heard of messing with [Read More...]

Why are Young Adults Leaving the Church?

Kara Powell wrote an interesting article in Relevant Magazine called, “Why Young Adults are Leaving the Church.” Powell riffs on a Tim Clydesdale saying that young adults put religion/faith in “the identity lock box,” Both argue that when students leave high school they put everything really important to them in a lock box while they [Read More...]