the ark

The Ark Once there was a father and mother who had a little son. He was a good boy and was their only child and they loved him very much. They played with the little boy for hours and he was the light of their life. The little boy was a naturally friendly child. From [Read More...]

See the People

Boulevard des Capucines, 1873 by Monet. This has always been one of my very favorite paintings. I love Monet anyway, what’s not to like…but I love that this picture drew such criticism at the time. I love that it was part of the first exhibit of impressionist art and that it is so beautiful to [Read More...]

visio divina

Our church staff did an exercise called visio divina yesterday. I borrowed and adapted this idea from my friend Dan Wilburn who has been experimenting with it lately. We all know of lectio divina or “divine reading” of the scripture. The visio is about a divine viewing. It’s based around the idea that this is [Read More...]

War on War

[Read more...]

Intuitive Leadership Session 4

SESSION FOUR: Before it was called Europe, this land was known as Christendom. In the post Christendom era of the church we don’t “have” a mission, we “are” a mission…the gospel is not something which is proclaimed so much as it is something that is embodied. Thus we must own the idea that theology is [Read More...]

Intuitive Leadership – Session Three

SESSION THREE How to find yourself if you are lost is sort of like GPS – it works by triangulation. He has three points on the triangle which have big circles around them which form rings. – Context and Culture- Gospel and Theology- Structures and Church Context and Culture:Who are we? What is our language, [Read More...]

Intuitive Leadership Conference

I’m attending a conference at Jacob’s Well church here in town lead by Tim Keel. I’ve been taking a few notes and just wanted to post them here in case anyone is interested! Pretty thought provoking stuff so far. I’ve only been able to transcribe the first 2 of the 4 sessions so far. I’ll [Read More...]

Sign the Petition for World Hunger

If you have an extra moment, please go read about the world hunger crisis and if you feel so inclined, sign this petition for the G8 conference coming this summer. They really need to act now on behalf of the world’s poorest people. Then, if you’ve never seen the movie The Girl in the Cafe [Read More...]

The Lost Dogs – Pray Where You Are

Pray Where you Are – The Lost DogsI’ve been praying the hours for the past five years. My general practice is to use the Book of Common Prayer liturgy for the morning prayers. I just do it online. That way I’m reading along with the lectionary readings – which syncs me up with a lot [Read More...]

Like a Drunk Trying to Ride a Horse…

This was the readign in the BCP hours this morning. I really enjoy this part of the online liturgy of the hours from Mission St. Claire. They include a reading about a saint of the church for almost every morning. Read this article if you get a chance – at least the first couple of [Read More...]

Radio Cure – Wilco

A video of one of my favorite bands…this song is how I feel right now. There is something wrong with me…shoulders shrugging off…Picking apples for kings and queens of things I have never seen…cheer up.Cheer up, honey, I hope you canThere is something wrong with meMy mind is filled with silvery starsHoney, kisses, clouds of [Read More...]

Salavation by Joel Green

Here is a quick synopsis of a very good book on the subject of atonement and salvation in the Old and New Testaments. Green is an incredible scholar. CHAPTER ONE: Being Human, Being SavedAs his starting point, Green stipulates that although humankind is the preeminent creation, it is important to imbed our Soteriology in the [Read More...]