Music ED III

Nick’s First Band: Eli Hall on drums Mix.3 // Cafe’ GrooveWhen I made this mix we’d been listening to the first two cd’s for quite awhile. Nick was starting to try and sing along and S. Soul had put out another record and he was starting to sing along with that as well (off pitch [Read More...]

Music Education II

Here are the songs from mix #2: 1. I Want You Back – Jackson Five2. I Wish – Stevie Wonder3. Respect – Aretha Franklin4. Rock Around the Clock – Bill Haley & his Comets5. Stop! In the Name of Love7. Staying Alive – The BeeGees8. Freeway of Love – Aretha Franklin9. Shake your Booty – [Read More...]

Music Education

My boys are music nuts. Nicholas can rarely be seen in a church service without his drum sticks and Lewis is already showing a proclivity toward guitar. We listen to music constantly at home and in the car. It started me thinking about my musical upbringing. When I was growing up, I received a steady [Read More...]

Justice in the Burbs

This book is about living the justice life. I want to recommend that you read Justice in the Burbs all the way to the end. I almost didn’t. I almost put this book down after two chapters. It is co-authored by a husband/wife duo Will & Lisa Sampson. Each chapter has three parts: a narrative [Read More...]

Purple State of Mind

A few years ago I took a class called Theology and Film from a Fuller Professor and filmaker named Craig Detweiler. It was seriously one of the most enlightening and enjoyable classroom experience I’ve ever had. Craig is a great teacher and is really passionate about film & culture. It helps that he has a [Read More...]

the acb’s

The pitch did a sassy review of a local band, the acb’s new record. I love this album – get your copy here. Red Guitar used to play with these guys back when they were “Dr. Woo,” that’s how I first met them. I produce this record earlier this year and it’s been on high [Read More...]

The Politics of Jesus

biographical sketch: Born: 1927, Smithville, Ohio to Christian & Ethel YoderDied: in his office at N. Dame – 1997 after suffering an aortic aneurysmStudied: Goshen College, BA; PhD. Univ. of Basel in Switzerland, 1962Married: Anne Marie Guth in 1951 while in EuropeTaught: Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, in Elkhart, IN 1960-1970; President of Goshen biblical Seminary [Read More...]

Torture and Eucharist book review

A quick book review on one of the most incredible books I’ve read in recent times. Torture and Eucharist by William T. Cavanaugh[1] is a remarkable work which every student and pastor would do well to read. His account of the horrific torture and oppression of the Pinochet regime in Chile is gripping and emotional [Read More...]

“Once” the film by John Carney

I saw the most amazing film last night called “Once.” It is the collaborative effort of director John Carney, and musicians Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. I don’t really know how to describe this film yet, I’m still letting it hit me. I just know that it was an emotional experience – saying I went [Read More...]

Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism? – James K.A. Smith

Here’s a quick review of a really good book called Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism? by James K.A. Smith I have long believed that some of the primary misconceptions regarding the emerging church conversation stem from a substantial lack of appreciation for the impact that French Philosophical/Linguistic thought has had on the movement as a whole. [Read More...]

Paul among the Postliberals by Douglas Harink

A quick review of one of the most interesting books I’ve read in awhile. In his book Paul among the Postliberals, Douglas Harink challenges the overly simplistic understanding of Paul’s writings which holds that he was chiefly concerned with justification as matter of personal salvation through faith in Christ. He critiques the traditional translation issues [Read More...]

The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

by Lesslie Newbigin This is just a quick review of one of the best books I’ve encountered in years. Possibly the foremost thing I could say about Lesslie Newbigin is that he is a gifted writer with an amazing intellect and a gift for covering a wide range of issues with a remarkable economy of [Read More...]