Guest Blogger // Casey Thornburgh

This is a great post from my friend Casey who is in Seminary in Chicago. Thanks Casey for teaching me more about Madeleine L’Engle (pictured here), and for your artistry!…Co-Creatorship & the Influence of Madeleine L’Engleby Casey Thornburgh..Something in me could not let the passing of Madeleine L’Engle on September 6th go by without some [Read More...]

…………….a quick review of a really great book…..Simply Christianby N.T. Wright.Until I began to read and listen to the work of N.T. Wright, the phrase “putting the world to rights” wasn’t in my vocabulary. Today, I think it is the best short description of what I believe the Kingdom of God is all about. In [Read More...]

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollack?

………… Jackson Pollack is one of my favorite artists. I don’t know why but respond very emotionally to most abstract expressionism. De Kooning is another favorite. There is a De Kooning here in town at the Kemper Museum that I like to go see. There is also a Pollock at the Nelson in the new [Read More...]

Sigur Ros

About a year ago my friend Isaac told me about this band – Sigur Ros that I needed to check out. He suggested that I just look on youtube and find live footage. But the first thing I clicked on was this video for the song Glosoli. On youtube it’s low quality and not it [Read More...]

The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson is one of my all-time favorite directors. I love his films because they are quirky and cool. They are almost always about trying to find family, or community. They are also great works of art in terms of the way they are shot. I also really admire his use of music in film [Read More...]

Robert Jenson quote

When Robert Jenson came to NTS I got to sit in on a couple of conversations with him. In one class he was asked to reflect on what he’d learned from his friends, Karl Barth, Jurgen Moltmann, and Wolfhart Pannenberg. This is what he said about Pannenberg: . . . “What I took from Pannenburg [Read More...]

Hope Center // Divided by Faith

Last night Kristin and I went to The Hope Center banquet to support Chris and Tammy Jehle. Chris has been quite an inspiration to me. I’m not sure I know of another human being that I admire more than I admire him. One of the books I’ve read which has put the pedal to the [Read More...]

Wilco Show at the Crossroads

I can’t explain what it is about Wilco. You just have to experience it. The first artist I ever really loved was Rich Mullins. He was not just a musician or a songwriter, but he was a prophet, in a sense. After Rich died in 1997, there have been a few others come along who [Read More...]

Robert Jenson – Part III

Here are some notes on the final lecture from Robert Jenson. Jenson focused on two topics today – the Holy Spirit in particular, then the New Testament. The Holy Spirit:He began by agreeing with Bultmann that God is the “uncontrollability of the future,” and that “the Spirit is God’s freedom.” It frees the Father and [Read More...]

Robert Jenson – Part II

Here’s the scoop on Wednesday’s lecture. He started, as he always seems to do, with a historical perspective on scripture. His goal was to establish the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Old Testament Prophets in two steps. STEP ONE:First he considers the role of Christ in Old Testament Prophecy. He reminded us that [Read More...]

Robert Jenson at NTS

Yesterday I had the chance, along with a bunch of other folks, to sit and listen to one of the greatest living American Theologians of the past ½ century. Robert Jenson is at NTS this week and he’s really amazing. He gave a lecture in Chapel, I’ll post some highlights at the end here. After [Read More...]

Praying the Hours

Go pray the hours w/Phyllis Tickle: [Read more...]