A Theology for the Social Gospel

A Theology for the Social Gospelby Walter Rauschenbusch I read a great book over the holidays and have since had to write a paper on it for one of my classes. The class is called “Contemporary Theology: Barth to the Mid-Century,” and the book is called A Theology for the Social Gospel by Walter Rauschenbusch. [Read More...]

Straight Back to Kansas

Satellite Soul Now Available4th Project at CD Baby Now I’m pretty stoked because our new record is out as of today. If you are into it, stop by CdBaby and pick up a copy of your own. It’s on sale for around $12 – it’s not on itunes yet but should but up within the [Read More...]

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God [ Thanks to Scott Stone for eliciting this post with his study and comments ] I’ve done a lot of reading over the past few years on the Kingdom of God. It is one of the most important biblical themes to study in my opinion, because it is the central teaching [Read More...]

Martin Luther: two great reads

Martin Lutherhere are two great reads on this man’s life and theology… Luther: Man Between God and the Devil andMartin Luther’s Theology: It’s Historical and Systematic DevelopmentI’ve had to read a couple of really good books on Luther over the last two weeks. I’m really blown away by this man and all that he accomplished [Read More...]

Gospel of Mark, Part I

Reading MarkA Literary and Theological Commentary on the Second GospelbySharyn Dowd Sharyn Dowd is a Southern Baptist theologian and is a professor in the religion department at Baylor. Dr. Dowd has a PhD. from Emory, which is a really good school, I think she got her masters at a Southern Baptist Seminary and her undergraduate [Read More...]

N.T. Wright – The Challenge of Jesus

The Challenge of JesusRediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is Whatever you may think of N.T. Wright, you have to respect the ambitious writing/thinking adventure he has undertaken from which he hopes to author 6 large volume works under the heading of Christian Origins and the Question of God. – The New Testament and the People [Read More...]

New Satellite Soul Release

Satellite SoulStraight Back to Kansas is ready to Rock When we decided to record a new Satellite Soul project it had been several years since our last national release Ardent Worship. We had stayed away from the studio for many reasons but one of the main reasons is that we were struggling to find something [Read More...]

Hybels on Atonement

Leadership Summit.Hybels not so clear. I’ve been an admirer of Bill Hybels for many years. My first exposure to his teaching was way back in 1988. While driving back and forth between Salina and Manhattan (I was working as a youth minister) I would listen to at least 4 services a week. I was captivated [Read More...]

Catching Up

Catching UpNo time to write lately Life has been a tad bit crazy this month. I’m speaking at church every week in August. I’m going to try and get a link to the mp3′s going as soon as they are up on the website – Hopefully we can get some good discussion going. We’ve also [Read More...]

Summer Reading

A Prayer For Owen Meanyby John Irving This is by far the best fiction book I’ve ever read in my life. Nothing else I’ve read even comes close to how great this story is. If you have a little time left before the summer reading comes to a close, I highly recommend picking this book [Read More...]

The Scandal of The Evangelical Conscience

The Scandal of the Evangelical ConscienceBy Dr. Ronald J. Sider I’ve talked about this book several times in other posts and thought I’d cover it in a little more detail. I skimmed this book a few months back, but just bought a copy for myself and devoured it in about 2 days. I haven’t marked [Read More...]

Barak Obama Speech

On June 26-27 in Washington DC, Senator Barak Obama delievered a speech before the Sojourners Call to Renewal conference. I don’t usually feature politicians on this blog, but he’s doing some theology here, working with the idea of religion and politics and this one is in honor of our Independence day…one day late. Take some [Read More...]