The Affordable Care Act Worked for My Family & We Really Needed It to Work

  I was thinking back to where my family was when Obamacare first went into effect. I wrote the post below after we had been kicked off our health insurance & dumped into the Kansas high-risk pool. Time and again as we shopped for new coverage we were denied by insurance companies due to pre-existing health [Read More…]

The ACA and Worked For My Family – And We Needed it to Work

My name is Tim Suttle. I’m married with two children under the age of ten, and I’m a pastor of a small church in the Kansas City area. Last summer my family received a letter telling us that our insurance provider was cancelling our policy because it would not meet the minimum standards set forth [Read More…]

Government Shutdown Made Easy: How the Debt Crisis is (not)Related to Obamacare

We’re headed into another government shutdown, starting tomorrow. This is my attempt to explain the situation: Let’s say you are out to eat with your spouse… Chili’s… you love the skillet-queso… can’t get enough of it. While at dinner, you tell your spouse that you sent the check to the orthodontist to pay for braces [Read More…]

This is the Best Rationale for a Single Payer Healthcare System I Have Ever Seen

I have long loved John Green & the mental floss peeps (I’m assuming he has a serious team of researchers). This explanation of the healthcare problem we face in our society is incredibly thorough and succinct. Green does a masterful job of providing perspective on the scope and complexity of the current situation, and how [Read More…]