J.R. Woodward Engages With Shrink at the V3 Blog Today

I am excited to see that J.R. Woodward at V3 Church Planting Movement is engaging with Shrink on his blog today. You can read the full article at his site. J.R. is crashing together themes from Shrink, Slow Church, and the recent attention given to Amazon.com’s work/leadership culture. It’s a pretty interesting read. Here’s a quick excerpt: Too [Read More…]

Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright for only $2

Amazon.com is running a deal right now where you can get N.T. Wright’s book Simply Jesus for only 2 bucks. It’s the electronic version (Kindle Version is what they call it). I do not own a kindle, but I use the free Kindle for PC software and use it read electronic books on my computer. [Read More…]