Bono’s A to Z of 2014: A Must-Read for U2 Fans

Granted, Bono has to have one of the more active egos of our time. He exists in that elite pantheon of fame along with immortals like Elvis, MJ, and Michael. The difference for him being that he seems to have at least some measure of awareness of the dangers of his position, and the responsibilities. Despite the unlimited income [Read More…]

New Book Rips U2’s Bono as a Lap-dog for Neo-liberals

Legendary rock writer Dave Marsh wrote a column for Counterpunch yesterday reviewing the book The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power) by writer Harry Browne. It wasn’t very nice. Dave Marsh is a grumpy rock and roll journalist who was the editor of Creem magazine and has written for Rolling Stone and The Village [Read More…]