Moving Past Hatred with One Simple Rule: No Name Calling

A few years ago I ran across Brene Brown’s TED talk on shame (me and about 6 million other people). The video provoked me to read Brown’s work, and I spent a few years working through her academic research, books, and articles. I think her best written work is in The Gifts of Imperfection, but honestly Brown’s strength is [Read More…]

No Regrets…

I know it’s just a silly game. More than that, it’s professional sports, so it’s corrupt and corrupting. There’s a whole chapter in my most recent book, Shrink, called “Cooperation and the Mythic Failure of Competition.” A friend of mine once sat with a group of Hispanic parents and asked them what they thought about the culture of Johnson [Read More…]

The Fisher King: Robin Williams and the Wounds that Made and Unmade His Life

In Arthurian legend, The Fisher King is the latest in the line of kings chosen to live in the Grail Castle, guarding and protecting the Holy Grail. But the Fisher king is not a valiant quester like Arthur and his knights. The Fisher King is not actually whole. He has been wounded, uncomfortably, in the [Read More…]

A Missional Reading of the High Priestly Prayer: Easter 7A – John 17:1-11

I preached this sermon in 2013. If you are a pastor feel free to copy and steal everything. Easter 7A – John 17:1-11 A Missional Reading of the High Priestly Prayer Read text first. Just Southeast of Rome about 100 miles there is a little town called Roseto Valfortore. It’s a pretty unremarkable town – [Read More…]

The Power of Self-Compassion

I’ve seen this video pop up on Facebook over the past few days. The headline reads, “These Kids Finally Say What They Really Think About Mom. And Her Reaction? Priceless.” I’ve resisted watching it because I was sure that it would be sentimental emotional manipulation. I finally clicked on it today because it was posted [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional: How to Read a Book

I confess that I just finished Metaxas’s biography of Bonhoeffer for the second time. This time I listened to the audiobook. It’s the second time I’ve re-read an old favorite using the audiobook in order to save time. I confess that I’m beginning to really love audiobooks and am seriously thinking about making an [Read More…]