Matthew 28: Go and Make Disciples

This is my sermon from last week at Redemption Church. If you are a pastor feel free to copy and steal anything that might help you as you prepare to lead your own congregation in worship. I have to acknowledge up front that I got the knowing/doing v. being/relating rubric from my friend Tim Keel. [Read More...]

Dallas Willard Dies at Age 77

I only found out this morning that Willard was sick. Have had a heavy heart all day thinking about what a tremendous human being he is, and what a profound impact he’s had upon my life. Just clicked on my news feed to see that Christianity Today is reporting that Dallas Willard has died today. [Read More...]

Dallas Willard Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer


Christianity Today is reporting that Dallas Willard has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This is bad news. I hope that you’ll take a moment to pray for him today. **Update here: Dallas Willard dies at age 77. I owe Dallas Willard a tremendous debt. Willard was the first teacher who taught me about the [Read More...]