Poverty, Inequality are Symptoms of a Fundamental Problem: We Want to Live Without Limits

Do a Google Image search for the phrase “No Limits” and see how many of the hits are from churches promoting a sermon series by that title. That’ll tell you how far off the church is on one of the most important problems plaguing our contemporary culture. It seems as though we’ve reached a tipping [Read More…]

Being Pulled Through the Knothole: David Brooks on Paradox & Presence

There’s a phrase used to describe the experience of intense or traumatic life events that leave us forever changed. “Being pulled through the knothole,” means going through a situation so singularly intense that many of the beliefs and assumptions we clung to before we were pulled through the knothole, simply fall away when we get [Read More…]

David Brooks’ “Thought Leader” Touched a Nerve: Every Pastor, Professor, Author, & Blogger Should Read It

“For all of our well-trained bluster about “calling,” most pastors become pastors, at least in part, because we crave attention. If we cannot find a way to recognize that, tell the truth about it, and make that reality part of what we confess about our own lives, then we will slowly become pathetic, and will [Read More…]

What Our Words Tell Us: David Brooks on the Rise of the Individual

I love to talk about words. 10 Great Words You Should Know & Use part 1 & part 2 & part 3 have been big posts here at Paperback Theology. I love to talk about the words we use not as an expert, but as an observer and lover of culture.. That’s why I was [Read More…]

My 2012 Election Predictions 4 Days Out: Obama Hatred v. Slow Steady Progress

Content Director’s Note: This post is a part of our Election Month at Patheos feature. Patheos was designed to present the world’s most compelling conversations on life’s most important questions. Please join the Facebook following for our new News and Politics Channel — and check back throughout the month for more commentary on Election 2012. [Read More…]