Evangelicals are coming out for Romney

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What’s Going On With Billy Graham (And Franklin)?

I’ve read a lot about the political involvement of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Over the years Graham has played only a minor role in politics. He has even expressed remorse about the times he became overly involved (for instance supporting Richard Nixon before he went to jail). Graham was sort of a church elder [Read More…]

Who Won the 3rd Debate & My Election Predictions at 2 Weeks Out

In the final presidential debate both candidates performed well and made their best case. Mr. Romney accused the president of weak leadership. President Obama painted Romney as a flip-flopper whose opinions are all over the map. The early poll from CBS said Obama: 53%, Romney 23%, a margin of victory which was slightly larger than [Read More…]

Transcript of Third Presidential Debate – Election 2012

BOB SCHIEFFER, MODERATOR: Good evening from the campus of Lynn University here in Boca Raton, Florida. This is the fourth and last debate of the 2012 campaign, brought to you by the Commission on Presidential Debates. This one’s on foreign policy. I’m Bob Schieffer of CBS News. The questions are mine, and I have not [Read More…]

Should President Obama Lose This Election Because of the Economy?

In this election cycle we’ve heard a lot about the economy. Republicans have made the lack of jobs the center of their campaign strategy. R’s spend much of their time convincing everyone the economy is terrible and the president is to blame. D’s have run on the narrative that the stimulus bill kept America from [Read More…]

Carrying Christianity Beyond Left and Right: Does A Candidates Faith Matter?

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith is an awkward issue for some evangelicals who are uncomfortable with the thought of a Mormon candidate. In response to questions about his involvement in the Mormon Church, Romney famously stated, “I’m not a spokesman for my church.” No doubt the Democrats have been puzzled as the Christian Right [Read More…]

What Did We Learn from the Vice Presidential Debate?

Vice-presidential debates rarely move the race at the top of the ticket in any significant way. When the dust settles after last night’s debate I suspect this will be the case. I thought both participants did an excellent job of articulating their position. I was not put off by Biden’s reactions to Ryan. I was [Read More…]

Final Thoughts on the GOP Convention – “You don’t really love that guy, do you baby?”

Back when I was in college my girlfriend (now my wife), and I broke up for a brief time, and a guy in my fraternity started calling her asking her out. That’s what Mitt Romney was doing last night at the GOP Convention, and he made an incredibly strong case for a break up. “He [Read More…]

GOP Convention: A Few Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts on the GOP Convention last night. I enjoyed listening to Mrs. Romney, who so clearly loves her husband and was an engaging speaker. Her speech was touching, sweet at times and made me like her quite a lot. I already tend to like Mitt Romney, but she made me like him [Read More…]

The End of the Middle: How the Death of Compromise Crippled our Government

KC Star this weekend ran a story called “The End of the Middle: How the Death of Compromise Crippled our Government.” The article is well worth taking a few moments to read. Here are a few pull quotes… what do you think? “On a spring day in 1984, a politician named Tip O’Neill walked to [Read More…]