This is Wrong (and Hilarious) on So Many Levels

Every subculture is strange, but evangelical subculture is stranger. There are these highly defended idiosyncratic cultural markers influenced by a small number of Christian entertainers, megachurch pastors, authors, and celebrities. It’s a language. And when somebody who really understands the subculture and speak the language starts to lampoon it, I can never resist. So meet [Read More…]

Hauerwas and… Mohler? Notes From An Unlikely Conversation

This has to be one of the more unlikely conversations I’ve ever heard between to men I have come to view quite differently over the years. I grew up a Southern Baptist in the midst of a sweet little church in Kansas whose practices far exceeded their own theology. So Al Mohler–as the author and [Read More…]

Love Thy Stranger As Thyself: Interesting Op-Ed from the NYTimes on Evangelicals and Immigration

There’s a pretty interesting op-ed in the New York Times by Molly Worthen from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She’s writing on three subjects I care about: immigration, evangelicalism, and the Social Gospel of Walter Rauschenbusch. I think she says some interesting things. Here’s an excerpt: It’s true that Latino Americans tend to [Read More…]

Oy Vey, Christian Soldiers – Interesting Article about the Christian Bar Mitzvah Trend

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about the trend of Christians giving their coming of age sons a bar mitzvah. It’s worth reading. I think that the evangelical tradition – perhaps above any other contingent of Christians – lack any sort of initiation rites at the key ages. What do you think [Read More…]

The Family is Not a Church – The Church is a Family

For the first time in ages it is a Sunday morning and I’m not in church. My family will have our own church service en route to a much needed holiday. But as we read the word and talk about it, as we pray and share communion together we will all have a sense that [Read More…]

Living Single in the Suburban Church: “I’m Not A Problem to be Solved”

In the typical suburban evangelical church, being single is treated like a problem which needs to be solved, as though a single person must need a spouse in order to image God. I could not disagree more. Often the church tries to create and manage matchmaking environments for those who are unmarried under the guise [Read More…]