The Ash Wednesday Hangover: “Wait, I gave up what for Lent?”

As more and more evangelical Christians embrace church traditions such as lent (and evangelicals really need lent), we tend to bring our particular brand of zestful enthusiasm to the project. Let’s be honest: this means we will probably over-do it. At my church we put a high premium on beauty, which means the way we do [Read More…]

Why Evangelicals Need Lent

Evangelicals need to observe Lent, in part, because our troubling lack of tradition leaves us untethered from the past. A church without the great traditions of the faith is like a church with amnesia. Rejecting tradition means submitting ourselves and our churches to the tyranny of the relevant, the oligarchy of the innovative, and the arrogance of the avant-garde. More than ever [Read More…]

Happy Earth Day! (Or as we evangelicals like to call it, Tuesday).

Evangelicals are known for our skepticism of science. We’re also a tad bit prone toward conspiracy theories. I was a biology major at a state school known for agriculture, so I spent to much time listening to the dynamics of global warming to shrug it off as a hoax. Yet, we still have a fair [Read More…]

Oy Vey, Christian Soldiers – Interesting Article about the Christian Bar Mitzvah Trend

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about the trend of Christians giving their coming of age sons a bar mitzvah. It’s worth reading. I think that the evangelical tradition – perhaps above any other contingent of Christians – lack any sort of initiation rites at the key ages. What do you think [Read More…]

Living Single in the Suburban Church: “I’m Not A Problem to be Solved”

In the typical suburban evangelical church, being single is treated like a problem which needs to be solved, as though a single person must need a spouse in order to image God. I could not disagree more. Often the church tries to create and manage matchmaking environments for those who are unmarried under the guise [Read More…]