Happy Earth Day! (Or as we evangelicals like to call it, Tuesday).

Evangelicals are known for our skepticism of science. We’re also a tad bit prone toward conspiracy theories. I was a biology major at a state school known for agriculture, so I spent to much time listening to the dynamics of global warming to shrug it off as a hoax. Yet, we still have a fair [Read More...]

Oy Vey, Christian Soldiers – Interesting Article about the Christian Bar Mitzvah Trend

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about the trend of Christians giving their coming of age sons a bar mitzvah. It’s worth reading. I think that the evangelical tradition – perhaps above any other contingent of Christians – lack any sort of initiation rites at the key ages. What do you think [Read More...]

Living Single in the Suburban Church: “I’m Not A Problem to be Solved”

In the typical suburban evangelical church, being single is treated like a problem which needs to be solved, as though a single person must need a spouse in order to image God. I could not disagree more. Often the church tries to create and manage matchmaking environments for those who are unmarried under the guise [Read More...]