Old Spock Battles New Spock: A Little Friday Funny

Whether or not you are a trekkie, you should give this commercial a quick watch. I remember watching nearly every Star Trek episode when I was a little kid. Then it was In Search Of with Leonard Nemoy, where he’d search for proof of things like the Loch Ness Moster or Bigfoot. This commercial is [Read More...]

2 Year Old Covers The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down” – A Little Friday Funny

If you ask me who my favorite band is, my standard answer is The Beatles. If you ask me what my favorite Beatles album is I usually say Rubber Soul. If you ask my what my favorite Beatles song is I say “Hey Jude,” although “We Can Work It Out,” “Get Back,” and “Let it [Read More...]

How to Start a Mumford Band – A Little Friday Funny

  I’m so glad I’m not in the music game anymore. It’s a tough way to make a living. First you have to learn to play music. Find other musicians with whom you can actually get along (harder than you might think). Then you have to learn a whole new skill set – producing songs [Read More...]

Pumpcast News: A Little Friday Funny

My friend Scott told me about this video the other day. I think I’ve watched it five times since then. It’s so funny. I want to be friends with these guys. So enjoy a little Friday Funny, then get back to work! [Read more...]

Christianity Versus Islam: Here’s One Way to Settle Things…

I’ve been thinking lately about Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s speech at the Fano ecumenical church conference and his insistence that ecumenism could help stave off the war he saw coming. As it turns out, Bonhoeffer was right about the war. Even if the ecumenical efforts of the Christians could could not keep a predominantly Christian Western Europe [Read More...]

What Would Your Superpower Be? Jimmy Fallon & a Little Friday Funny

  Okay I’ve thought about this quite a lot actually. After debating world needs v. personal calling and desires, i.e., what I would like to do with my life versus what the world needs, etc. I have to say regarding what superpower I would like to have if I could have any superpower I wanted. [Read More...]

Russell Brand, Tom Cruise & Scientology

I know very little about Scientology, and what I do know usually comes by way of entertainment news. I read a little bit at their website and watched a couple of videos this morning. Their marketing material makes it seems like a modern (maybe post-modern?), version of Gnosticism. Everything I’ve ever heard or read about it [Read More...]

Derek Webb’s “Unblock Me” – A Little Friday Funny

[Read more...]

I Fear the Day it Happens to Me: “How’re We Ever Going to Tell the Kids?”

My wife knows, of course, so do most of my friends. I mean it’s kind of obvious… not the sort of thing you can keep hidden for very long. Most of the people in my life are cool about it. I get the occasional eye roll or smirk. But my kids? They have no idea. [Read More...]

Drive Through Headless Prank – A Little Friday Funny

I know that I claimed this week in the wake of April Fool’s Day  that I do not like pranks, and in general I don’t. I feel too much sympathy for the people who are the butt of the joke. I typically like prank videos even less than the live version. But this one is [Read More...]