What Would Your Superpower Be? Jimmy Fallon & a Little Friday Funny

  Okay I’ve thought about this quite a lot actually. After debating world needs v. personal calling and desires, i.e., what I would like to do with my life versus what the world needs, etc. I have to say regarding what superpower I would like to have if I could have any superpower I wanted. [Read More…]

Russell Brand, Tom Cruise & Scientology

I know very little about Scientology, and what I do know usually comes by way of entertainment news. I read a little bit at their website and watched a couple of videos this morning. Their marketing material makes it seems like a modern (maybe post-modern?), version of Gnosticism. Everything I’ve ever heard or read about it [Read More…]

Derek Webb’s “Unblock Me” – A Little Friday Funny

[Read more…]

I Fear the Day it Happens to Me: “How’re We Ever Going to Tell the Kids?”

My wife knows, of course, so do most of my friends. I mean it’s kind of obvious… not the sort of thing you can keep hidden for very long. Most of the people in my life are cool about it. I get the occasional eye roll or smirk. But my kids? They have no idea. [Read More…]

Drive Through Headless Prank – A Little Friday Funny

I know that I claimed this week in the wake of April Fool’s Day  that I do not like pranks, and in general I don’t. I feel too much sympathy for the people who are the butt of the joke. I typically like prank videos even less than the live version. But this one is [Read More…]

Stephen Colbert Destroys The History Channel’s “The Bible” Miniseries – A Little Friday Funny

My wife and I dvr’d The History Channel’s “The Bible” miniseries & we were pretty excited. I had seen the publicity – folks like Rick Warren touting it as “the best I’ve ever seen” – so I went into this thing hoping it would be great. It is not great. On the positive side, the [Read More…]

This is the World’s Coolest Grandpa – A Little Friday Funny

Thirty Seconds that will lift your spirits. A little Friday Funny! [Read more…]

Mental Floss Debunks 50 Common Misconceptions – A Highly Stimulating Friday Funny

Mental Floss is healthy for your brain – John Green blows 50 misconceptions out of the water in about 5 minutes. As I watched this, I realized how many sermons I’ve heard where misconceptions in need of mental floss were trotted out as amazing facts. I’ve heard at least a half-dozen of these in church [Read More…]

The Kingdom of God is Like A Test-drive… Funniest Thing I’ve Seen in Months

The kingdom of God is like a normal everyday car salesman who shows up to work, tries to do his job well and feed his family. It’s not the most highly respected profession in the world. In fact a lot of people look down on him. He doesn’t make a ton of money, but he [Read More…]

Best Game Ever – I Really Want to Play… Your Friday Funny

Okay, true confession time: I’m afraid to play paint ball. I have tons of friends who have played it, or still do. I’ve been invited many times but have never played. It’s not that I’m pain averse, I’m okay with pain. However, I am deathly afraid of being startled. I’ve never liked it. Even as [Read More…]