Ten Gift Ideas for Book Lovers – 2015

Book lovers are a picky bunch. Trust me, pajamas with books on them will be more likely to appeal to those who don’t read books. We don’t want bookmarks. We don’t want Dr. Seuss bedsheets. We want, well, books mostly. We want cool ways to organize and display our books. We want ways to play with [Read More…]

Gift Ideas For Book Lovers 2013

Book Nerds are easy to buy for. All you have to do is know just a little bit about their habits and preferences, and then buy something that they will actually use or at least enjoy: E-Readers: If the book lover in your life reads on an electronic device, you have to know what device [Read More…]

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers 2012 – Christmas Gifts for the Reader in Your Life

If you are buying a gift for a book lover this year I have some ideas. The obvious ideas – e-readers and such – I won’t bother with because you know all about them. But, there are also a lot of readers who have a very specialized set of needs when it comes to book [Read More…]