On How Small the Christian Peace Movement Is (w/ Gratitude to the Anabaptists)

“It is sometimes discouraging to see how small the Christian peace movement is, and especially here in America where it is most necessary. But we have to remember that this is the usual pattern, and the Bible has led us to expect it. Spiritual work is done with disproportionately small and feeble instruments. And now [Read More…]

Wives Submit to your Husbands

We are working our way through Ephesians this summer at my church, preaching from a whole chapter each week. The discipline of  dealing with Paul a chapter at a time is helping me keep a bird’s eye view. It feels like not getting lost in the details has been great for preaching. Nowhere is this [Read More…]

The Top Ten Books Every Christian Should Read: my required reading list for life

I have been thinking about the ten books every Christian should read. I’ve been composing the list in my head, and it’s harder than you think. You need qualifiers. Here are mine: broad subject range, deep but not obscure, non-fiction (with one exception), focused on discipleship and the Christian story, fit more in the theological [Read More…]