The Mark Driscoll Effect: Size Impedes Pastoral Accountability

This was inevitable, right? I mean, seriously, one cannot be terribly surprised to hear that the Acts 29 Network gave Mark Driscoll and his Mars Hill Church of Seattle their walking papers last week. The Acts 29 Network, founded by the machismo-driven and scandal-plagued megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll is an enormous, complex, and powerful force within [Read More…]

David Fitch, Andy Crouch Weigh in on Mark Driscoll’s Plagiarism and Celebrity Leadership

In case you missed it, rock-star pastor Mark Driscoll was recently accused on air by a radio host of committing plagiarism in one of his books. She had the goods on him, too. You can Google the whole thing, and read the two passages, and Jonathan Merritt has chronicled the drama. It’s pretty obvious that [Read More…]

Why Mark Driscoll’s Influence Will Never Last: Jonathan Merritt Nails it Again

Mark Driscoll is promoting his new book, in which he is calling out Christian leaders for being too confrontational and fostering too much infighting… What the what? It gets better. Driscoll’s big publicity stunt to promote his book on being less confrontational, was to show up uninvited at rival-Calvinist preacher John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire Conference” [Read More…]

Is Mark Driscoll This Generation’s Pat Robertson?

I’ve been pretty tough on Mark Driscoll in the past. I don’t like being that way about any other pastor. But I think he represents something truly dangerous to the gospel. I grew up with a lot of folks very much like him among the Southern Baptist circles in which I was reared – heavy [Read More…]